What is Portsmouth county?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Portsmouth is a city on the south coast of England, in the county of Hampshire.

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Q: What is Portsmouth county?
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What is the capital city of portsmouth?

Portsmouth is a city in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Brentwood is the county seat of Rockingham County. Concord is the capital city of New Hampshire.

Where is Portsmouth?

There is a Portsmouth on the channel side in southern England

What county is Portsmouth in?

It depends on which Portsmouth you are looking for:Portsmouth, Ohio is in Scioto County.South Portsmouth, Kentucky is in Greenup County.Portsmouth, Rhode Island is in Newport County.Portsmouth, New Hampshire is in Rockingham County.Portsmouth, Virginia is in Portsmouth City County.Portsmouth, Iowa is in Shelby County.Portsmouth is in Hampshire , England

What was Portsmouth's biggest premiership defeat?

They haven't and judging at the moment they never will.

What locales does Seacoast Online offer publications for?

Seacoast Online is a news publication service with publications for Portsmouth (The Portsmouth Herald), Exeter (The Exeter Newsletter), Hampton (The Hampton Union), and York (The York County Coast Star).

Is Fratton Park in the north west of England?

Fratton Park is located in Portsmouth. It is located in the county of Hampshire on the South Coast of England.

Which area of England is Leigh Park in?

Leigh Park is a suburb of Havant in the county of Hampshire which is on the south coast of England not far from Portsmouth.

Where is the Portsmouth Public Library in Portsmouth located?

The address of the Portsmouth Public Library is: 175 Parrott Avenue, Portsmouth, 03801 4452

How many hotels are there in Portsmouth?

The number of hotels in Portsmouth depends on which Portsmouth one wishes to visit. Portsmouth, Virginia is home to ten hotels. Portsmouth, New Hampshire has seventeen hotels.

Where is the Portsmouth Athenaeum in Portsmouth New Hampshire located?

The address of the Portsmouth Athenaeum is: Po Box 848, Portsmouth, NH 03802-0848

How do you spell Portsmouth?

Portsmouth is the correct spelling.

When was Portsmouth created?

Portsmouth was created in 1180.