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Peter Budaj is number 30 on the Montreal Canadiens.

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Q: What is Peter Budaj's number on the Montreal Canadiens?
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What NHL team does Peter Budaj play for?

Peter Budaj plays for the Montreal Canadiens.

What position does Peter Budaj play?

Peter Budaj plays goalie for the Montreal Canadiens.

Who wore the number 20 on the Montreal Canadiens?

Peter Mahovlich, Richard Zednik, Ryan O'Byrne, Mike Johnson, Phil Goyette

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Peter and Edward Bronfman sold the team after having owned it for seven years.

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1. Garry Monahan - Montreal Canadiens 2. Peter Mahovlich - Detroit Red Wings 3. Orest Romashyna - Boston Bruins 4. Al Osborne - New York Rangers 5. Art Hampson - Chicago Black Hawks 6. Walt McKechnie - Toronto Maple Leafs

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