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As of the start of the 2008 season, Ohio State is 50-23-2 against current members of the PAC 10.

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5-10-1 although Buckeye fans claim 7-11-2 don't be fooled by victories that came before the SEC was founded in 1932. They are 0-9 in bowl games.

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Q: What is Ohio state football record versus big 12 teams?
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What is Michigan football record versus PAC 10 teams?

There record is 16-13 over Pac 10 teams.

What is NC state's record versus Penn state in football?

The Wolfpack is 2-17 all time against Penn State ... the teams last met in 1982.

What is Penn State football record versus PAC 10 teams?

As of Nov 2009 they are 23-12 vs Pac 10 opponents.

What is Oklahoma's record versus Auburn in college football?

1-0. The teams have met once in football ... that being the 1972 Sugar Bowl with Oklahoma winning 40-22.

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the Pittsburgh steelers

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1-1. The teams played in 1986 with Michigan winning and in 1991 with Florida State winning.

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Prior to the November 12, 2011 game ... Penn State leads the all time series 7-6 and the teams last met in 2003.

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What is the series football record between nicholls state and southern university of baton rouge?

Nicholls State leads the all time series 13-6 ... the teams last met in 2002.

What is ucla's record vs Ohio state football?

4-4-1 ... the teams last met in the 2001 season.

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