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Q: What is Ohio State's all time men's basketball record versus Cincinnati?
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What is the all time basketball record Kansas versus Nebraska?


What is Louisville record versus Vanderbilt all time in basketball?


Who has a winning record over KU in NCAA Basketball?

University of Ky's record is 19-6 versus Kansas.

What is the all time basketball record between Nebraska versus creighton?

Nebraska leads 25-21.

What is the record of Indiana University basketball versus Purdue Basketball.?

as of feb 8 2011 purdue leads the all time series 110-84

What is Ohio State's all time men's basketball record versus Michigan?

89-70 in favor of Ohio State.

What is the all time record patriots versus ravens?

The Patriots sport a 4-0 record versus the Baltimore Ravens.

How many basketball wins does Maryland have versus duke?


What is the Pittsburgh Steelers all time record against the Cincinnati Bengals?

Through the 2012 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 52-33 versus the Cincinnati Bengals all time during the regular season. The Steelers also lead 1-0 in the postseason.

What was the New York Yankees record versus the Boston Red Sox in 2011?

In 2011, the Yankees had a 6-12 record versus the Red Sox.

What team holds the record for the most 3-point shots made in a NCAA basketball game?

Loyola Marymount versus Michigan in 1990 with 21 made 3-pointers. Creighton University versus Villanova also made 21 3-pointers in 2014.

Who kicked the longest punt in a Super Bowl history?

Lee Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals kicked a record long 63 yard punt in Super Bowl XXIII versus the San Francisco 49ers.

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