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It means Most Valueable Player of the NBA Finals

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MVP means Most Vallued Player

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Q: What is NBA finals mvp mean?
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What does the MVP of the NBA finals get?

a mvp trophy

Who was the NBA finals MVP in 2008?

The 2008 NBA finals MVP is Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics.

Who was 2009 NBA finals MVP?

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers was the NBA Finals MVP.

Who was the NBA player who won all-star game mvp and NBA mvp and NBA finals mvp in 2000?


Who was finals mvp of the 2006 nba finals?

Paul Pierce

Which NBA player has won the NBA mvp and the finals mvp in the same season?

LBJ-2011-12 NBA Season

Who was the mvp of the NBA finals 2008?

Paul Pierce

Who was the 1980 NBA finals mvp?

Magic Johnson

Who was the MVP of the NBA finals in 1979?

Dennis Johnson

Who was the 2009 NBA finals mvp?

Kobe Bryant

What is the best award in basketball?

NBA Finals MVP

Who was the MVP in the 2000 NBA finals?

Shaquille O'Neal

Who was the nba laker finals mvp in 1988?


How are nba finals mvp selected?

BY stats and averages

What all-star player won the 2000 MVP NBA MVP an d NBA finals MVP awards in 2000?


How many championships does lebron have?

1 championship. He also won the NBA finals MVP. In the 2012 NBA finals.

Where can you vote for NBA MVP? is the best place for everything nba basketball. They usually have a poll where you can vote for season mvp and Finals mvp.

Who was the last nba player to win season MVP and finals MVP?

leBron James

Which Piston was MVP of the 2004 NBA Finals?

Chauncey Billups

Who was the 1975-1976 NBA Finals MVP?

Michael Jordan

Was Tony Parker MVP of the NBA finals in 2007?


How many nba finals mvp do Kobe Bryant have?


Who was the First NBA finals MVP?

Jerry West in 1969.

Who won the NBA finals MVP in 2006?

Dwayne Wade

Who became the mvp in 2011 nba finals?

Dirk Nowitzki !