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Q: What is Milwaukee brewer miller park capacity?
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When was Miller Park - Milwaukee - created?

Miller Park - Milwaukee - was created in 2001.

What is the longest object in Miller Park?

Bernie Brewer's slide.

When will there be Football at Miller park Milwaukee WI?

Never, Miller park is not a large enough venue.

How many people can miller park hold?

The estimated capacity for Miller Park is about 43,000 people.

Which Brewer's player hit the first home run in Miller Park?

Jeremy Burnitz

Where do the brewers play baseball?

miller park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Is the a stadium in or near Milwaukee?

Miller park. Home of the Brewers.

Did any major crime occur at Miller park?

Miller Park is a ballpark located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have heard or read on major crime in the park.

Where do the Milwaukee Brewers hold spring training?

Miller Park, In Milwaukee Wisconsin

What is the name of the baseball field in Wisconsin?

The Major League park in Wisconsin is Miller Park, located in Milwaukee.

Before miller park opened where did the brewers play?

Milwaukee County Stadium

Where is the Brewers Stadium?

Miller Park (the brewers stadium) is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.