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Q: What is Military lingo for all fouled up?
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What is between snafu and fubar?

FUBAR is fouled up beyond all recognition. SNAFU is Situation normal, all fouled up. See link below for a great explanation and history of these terms.

What does the acronym FOOBAR stand for?

FOOBAR is not an acronym, it is a placeholder name used in computer programming and has no meaning. By contrast FUBAR is a military slang acronym for Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition.

What is meant by the term snafu?

Snafu is an acronym that dates back to the military in World War 2. It stands for Situation Normal All Fouled Up, it was a common complaint from the soldiers referring to everything is OK just difficult and confusing.

What is a World War 2 slang term for goof?

Snafu. "Situation normal - all fouled up.

What is the origin of the word fubar?

FUBAR , meaning " Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition" originated with US soldiers in the early part of WW2. ( although they were known to sometimes use a different word in place of 'fouled')

What are the release dates for Truck Universe - 2004 A Fouled up Ford?

Truck Universe - 2004 A Fouled up Ford was released on: USA: 3 October 2010

How can boys get big chests like girls?

Take female hormones. Expect your sex life to be all fouled up.

What does private snafu stand for?

If you watched the old cartoons, it appeared at the beginnings. Anyway, It is "Situation Normal, All Fouled Up"

What is the baseball lingo for a really easy pitch?

A change-up

What does fouled up means?

messed up, not working correctly, inoperative, etc.

How do you spell snafu?

That is the correct spelling of the acronym word "snafu" (a major error or chaotic situation, from Situation Normal - All Fouled Up).

What is a word that is an abbreviation for other words such as radar?

This is called an acronym.Radar is an acronym for the much longer term RAdio Detection And Ranging. Other examples fubar (fouled up beyond all repair), snafu (situation normal, all fouled up) and sonar (sound navigation ranging).Another example: LASER, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.