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I believe Shanahan is 21-7 against the Raiders. We (Raider fans) will not miss him.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-31 17:53:40
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Q: What is Mike Shanahan's record overall against the Oakland Raiders?
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How many wins do the Oakland Raiders have overall?

the have 0

When did the Dallas Cowboys last beat the Oakland Raiders?

On Thanksgiving Day, 2013, the Dallas Cowboys outlasted the Oakland Raiders at AT&T Stadium, 31-24. The Raiders lead the overall series with a six-and-five record.

In what year did WR Cliff Branch go to the Oakland Raiders?

WR Cliff Branch was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the 4th round as the 98th overall pick of the 1972 NFL Draft.

Who has been the best NFL team overall?


Who is better overall the San Diego Chargers or the Oakland Raiders?

Definitely San Diego Chargers.

What is the Oakland Raiders' overall won-loss record?

Through January 9, 2017, the Oakland Raiders have a regular-season record of 456-401-11. The team's playoff record is 25-19.

What is the win-loss record of the Raiders versus Packers overall?

Overall the Green Bay-Oakland record stands at 6-5-0.

Who is the most losing team in NFL history overall?

well it would be the Oakland raiders they are the worst team in history

How many times have the Oakland Raiders made it to the playoffs?

21 times.They are 25-18 overall, and have won 3 Superbowls.

Who did the Oakland Raiders draft in the first round in 2006?

The Raiders selected 7th overall in the 1st round of the 2006 NFL draft and selected cornerback Michael Huff out of the University of Texas.

What is the raiders record against the cowboys in Dallas?

The Cowboys and the Raiders have played four games in Dallas -- three at Texas Stadium and one at Cowboys Stadium. The Raiders are 3-and-1 in games in which Dallas was the home team. Here are the results: + Oct. 23, 1983 -- Los Angeles Raiders 40, Dallas 38 (Texas Stadium). + Nov. 9, 1986 -- Los Angeles Raiders 17, Dallas 13 (Texas Stadium). + Sept. 27, 1998 -- Oakland Raiders 13, Dallas 12 (Texas Stadium). + Nov. 26, 2009 -- Dallas 24, Oakland Raiders 7 (Cowboys Stadium The Raiders lead the overall series 6-4.

What is the raiders overall record?


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