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Q: What is Mike Fisher looking for in a girl?
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Who is mike fisher engaged to?

Mike fisher is engaged to Carrie Underwood .

What is Mike Fisher's birthday?

Mike Fisher was born on June 5, 1980.

When was Mike Fisher born?

Mike Fisher was born on June 5, 1980.

Who did Carrie Underwood Marry?

Carrie Underwood married to Mike Fisher in 2010

Who is Carrie Underwood's spouse?

Carrie's boyfriend is Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators.

What position does Mike Fisher play?

Mike Fisher plays center for the Nashville Predators.

Does Mike Fisher shoot right or left?

NHL player Mike Fisher shoots right.

How much does Mike Fisher weigh?

NHL player Mike Fisher weighs 215 pounds.

How many brothers and sisters does mike fisher have?

Mike Fisher has two brothers and one sister.

Does Mike Fisher have kids?

No mike doesn't have a kid

When were Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher married?

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher were married on July 10, 2010

Does Mike Fisher have a Facebook?

Yes he does. Its managed my his agent and Mike himself.