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Mike Fisher is number 12 on the Nashville Predators.

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2014-07-02 18:37:02
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Q: What is Mike Fisher's number on the Nashville Predators?
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Why did mike fisher move to Nashville Predators?

because he is stupid

What position does Mike Fisher play?

Mike Fisher plays center for the Nashville Predators.

What NHL team does Mike Fisher play for?

Mike Fisher plays for the Nashville Predators.

What is mike fisher's profession?

he's a hockey player for the Nashville Predators

Is Mike Fisher the captain of the Nashville Predators?

Fisher and Martin Erat are alternate captains for the Predators. Shea Weber is the current captain.

Did Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators ever play for Pittsburgh Penguins?

Fisher has only played for the Senators and Nashville Predators.

What is mike fishers middle name?

Mike Fisher's middle name is Andrew

What is Mike Fisher famous for?

Mike Fisher is a professional ice hockey player that comes from Canada. He is the alternate captain for the Nashville Predators. He is famous for being gritty and conducting two way play.

Did the Predators win the opening face off against the Florida on November 22 2014?

Yes, the Nashville Predators won the face-off against the Florida Panthers on November 22, 2014. Mike Ribeiro won the face-off.

What is Carrie Underwood and mike fishers baby name?

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher named their first child Isaiah Michael Fisher.

Carrie Underwood boyfriend?

When this question was first asked, Carrie Underwood was still single, and dating Nashville Predators hockey star Mike Fisher. The two were married on July 10, 2010, and they had their first child, a son, on February 27, 2015.

Where is lila mccann now?

She lives in Nashville Tennessee with her husband mike wolofsky

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