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6'0" 215 lbs

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Q: What is Micheal Vick's height and weight?
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Is Tina Vick Micheal Vicks mom?

no, she's his aunt

What is Micheal Vicks current net worth?

0. He is 10 mil + in debt

Height is to inches weight is to?

Height is to inches as weight is to pounds.

What is the stock symbol for Unequal Technologies?

There is no stock as it is a privately owned company. Micheal Vicks current sponsorship is just hype, the company is small potatoes, stick with the bread and butter companys.

What is Micheal Phelps height?

6 ft. and 4 ins.

If my weight is 63 kg what should be my height?

You can not change your height as per your weight. You have to change your weight as per your height.

What is the weight ratio for height?

There is no weight ratio for height. The weight of an object depends on its the volume and density. The volume depends on the height as well as the average cross section so height, alone, cannot determine weight.

What is the analogy for height weight and inches?

It is pounds. An inch is the measuring unit for height. A pound is the measuring unit for weight. The logic is as follows. height, weight -> (measuring unit for height), (measuring unit for weight) Some similar examples, If it were "height, distance and inches." the missing word would be "miles" If it were "height, age and inches." the missing word would be "years"

What is height and weight measurement?

height is BY FOOT and weight is BY KGS

What is the size height and weight of a coyote?

what is the height and weight of the coyote

How does a height weight scale work?

A height weight scale bases your height and weight in order to get your bmi. your bmi tells your doctor if you are in the healthy weight range or if you need to lose

What is ideal weight for 5.3 height?

my weight is 74 kg and height is 5.4,what is normal weight

What is the average height and weight of a 16-year-old?

The 16 year old... Boy Height Range: 5'5"-6'3" Median height: 5'10" Mean height: 5'11" Weight Range: 115-210 lbs Meidan weight: 163 lbs Mean weight: 170 lbs Girl Height Range: 5'-5'10" Median height: 5'5" Mean height: 5'5" Weight Range: 100-170 lbs Median weight: 135 lbs Mean weight: 127 lbs

Carmen Electra's height and weight?

her height is 5'4'' and her weight is 110lbs.

What is Justin biebers height and weight?

His height is 5,5 and his weight is 110

What is Brandon spikes height and weight?

Height: 6'2" Weight: 250lbs

What is the height and weight of a horned lizard?

height and weight of a horned lizard

How much do you need to weigh to be anorexic?

Weight Watchers has height and weight ranges. Your weight needs to be below the minimum weight for your height.

What is overweight for a b15 year old?

It all depends on the weight in kilograms and height in metres. Weight (KG) / (Height (M) * Height (M)) To Simplify, Square your height first (Height (M)) x 2 = Answer Then Divide your weight, by your height Weight (KG) / (Height Answer) [The answer from the previous step]

What is the average weight height of men?

The average height and weight of men: Normal height: 5'8"- 6'0" (Mean height- 5'10") Normal weight: 150 - 210 lbs (Mean weight 180 lbs)

What is the weight and height of a cricket?

The weight is 12 ounces and the height is 4.5 inches.

What is the weight and height of Megan Fox?

Height 5'6" - Weight 114 pounds

Did you have to be a certain height or weight to be a knight?

NO you don't have to be a certain height or weight to be knighted ...

What is Kim Kardashians height and weight?

the height of Kim is 5.2 and her weight is 116.8

What is Hulk Hogan's Height and weight?

height 6 ft4 and weight 302ib