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From going back to Box Scores i come up with Vick with a Record of 37-31-1. (also a Jail Record) In 2001 it said he played in 8 games 2 starts. The box scores list him first in 3 games all losses. In those 3 losses he throw over 50% of all passes, etc. Also theres a few games i did not count towards his losses that he finished the game, and that's when the other team came back to win.

Breakdown of Years / Games Started

2006 GS 16 W-7 L-9

2005 GS 15 W-8 L-7

2004 GS 15 W-11 L-4

2003 GS 4 W-3 L-2 (Played in 5 games, where he brought the team to victory)

2002 GS 15 W-8 L-6 TIES - 1 (ROFLMAO!!!! Bad coaching on the Eagles to end in a tie)

2001 GS 2 W-0 L-3 (i count 3 games started for him. He played 8 games that season)

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Q: What is Michael Vick's Win- loss record?
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