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Micheal Phelps favorite Baseball team is the Baltimore Orioles because i saw him at the game twice

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โˆ™ 2010-04-12 18:57:26
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Q: What is Michael Phelps favorite baseball team?
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Which swimming team is Michael Phelps on?

what team he is on is the USA team

Which team is Michael Phelps in?

He's on the American team!

What team is Michael Phelps in?

It's kinda obvious, the USA

What is michaels phelps favorite football team?

Baltimore Ravens

What is Michael Jordan's favorite team?

his favorite team was the Bulls

What is Michael Jackson's favorite baseball team?

philadelphia phillies

What is Michael Jackson's favorite Chicago team?

Michael Jackson's favorite Chicago team was the Chicago Cubs

What is Ariana Grandeโ€™s favorite baseball team?

What is Ariana Henares favorite baseball team

Who was Michael jacksons favorite baseball team?

i think it was new york im not 2 sure

What is mattyb's favorite baseball team?

Matybraps favorite baseball team is the braves

Is Michael Phelps a member of the Michigan Swim Team?

Michael is a member of Club Wolverine (sp?), which is from Michigan.

What team does Michael phelps swim for?

NBAC ( north baltimore aquatic club)

Who is brad paisleys favorite baseball team?

Brad's favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs

What is Ben McCoy's favorite baseball team?

The Cardinals are Ben McCoy's favorite baseball team.

What is matty b's favorite sports team?

well his favorite sport is baseball so his favorite baseball team is Marlines

What is Michael Jordan's favorite football team?

His favorite was the saints

Did Michael Phelps win an individual gold medal this year?

yes in the team swimming

What is Michael Phelps' first swim team?

NBAC (North Baltimore Aquatic Club)

How many swim teams does Michael Phelps swim on?

Michael phelps swims with his coach, bob bowman, but when he was little he swam in baltimore at a local club. If Michael joins a new team, he has to be on it for a minimum of 20 days or else they are unattached.

Where does Michael Phelps attend college?

Michael Phelps went to the University of Michigan, studying sports marketing and management. He wasn't allowed on the school team because of his professional status, but he helped out.

What hockey team is Michael Buble favorite?

His favorite hockey team is Vancouver Canucks.

Who will be the competitor of Michael Phelps?

He might be competed by Ryan Lochte his team mates

Who were your favorite swimmers on the US swimming team for the Beijing Olympics?

Micheal phelps and Ryan lochte

What jusin bieber favorite baseball team?

Justin Bieber likes the white sox, but his favorite baseball team is the Yankees

How did Michael Phelps get introduced to swimming?

His mom sent him to a swim team. He meet his coach Bob Bowman there and he saw great talent in Michael.