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That's an easy one; it's most likely freestyle because freestlye is the fastest stroke for anyone.

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Q: What is Michael Phelp's fastest stroke?
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What is Michael Phelps fastest swim?

His fastest stroke is fly which is 200 fly i love caden sheetz

Who was the fastest olympic swimmer before Michael Phelps?

Batovin was the fastest olympic swimmer before Michael Phelps

What is Michael Phelps favorite stroke?

the butterfly stroke

What is Michael Phelps favourite stroke?

The Butterfly Stroke

What is Michael Phelps favortie stroke?

His favourite stroke is butterfly

What is Michael Phelps favorite stroke and why?

Butterfly is his favortrie stroke.

What is Michael Phelps's favorite stroke?


What is Michael Phelps strongest stroke?

the butterfly

What is Michael Phelps least favorite stroke?


What is Michael Phelps' best stroke?

I think freestyle

Who is the fastest swimer in the world?

That can't easily be determined. But, the fastest swimmer at the Olympic Games was Michael Phelps. So I guess it's Michael Phelps

What is Michael Phelps's fastest time?


Fastest swimming land animal?

Michael Phelps

Who is the fastest swimming person?

Where have you been? Michael Phelps.

How fast does Michael Phelps swim in miles per hour?

It depends on the stroke and the distance, but using the fastest stroke over the shortest distance (freestyle over 100m), Phelps' record is 47.51 seconds. This equates to around 4.7 mph - brisk walking pace.

Who was the fastest us Olympic swimmer in 2008?

Michael Phelps

What is Michael Phelps second favourite stroke?

Michael Phelps's second favourite stroke is backstroke (stated in his autobiography), although he doesn't usually compete in races with it because he says he wants 'more of a challenge.'

Who is the fastest 25 meter freestyle swimmer in the world?

Michael Phelps

Who holds the record for the fastest 400 meter swim?

Michael Phelps

Who is the fastest male freestyle swimmer?

Michael Phelps or Mark Spitz

Who is the fastest swimmer in the US?

Micheal Phelps. While Michael Phelps is by far the best overall, you can't really call him the "fastest" because there are so many events that there are different "fastest in the US" in different events.

Was Michael Phelps the fastest on his first swim?

no. no one is. your not born extremely fast.

What medals did Michael Phelps win and in what stroke?

Freestyle, butterfly and medley (all strokes).

Who are the top ten fastest swimmers?

Michael Phelps IS the fastest. Who else won 8 gold medals!

Who was the fastest 100m men's swimmer in the London olympic games 2012?

Michael Phelps