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Q: What is Michael Nutter's political party?
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What political party is Michael Savage?

Michael Savage is not a political party. He is a popular radio entertainer.

What political party does Michael Jackson belong to?

Republican is my guess.

What actors and actresses appeared in Party Political Broadcast - 1954?

The cast of Party Political Broadcast - 1954 includes: Honor Blackman as herself Michael Fogarty as himself Michael Ingrams as himself Ludovic Kennedy as himself

When was Clutter Nutters created?

Clutter Nutters was created in 2006.

What punishments did the Romans have if they committed a crime?

be3cause they are nutters be3cause they are nutters

What has the author Michael Patrick Leahy written?

Michael Patrick Leahy has written: 'Covenant of liberty' -- subject(s): Politics and government, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / Political Parties, Tea Party movement

What has the author Michael Schomers written?

Michael Schomers has written: 'Deutschland ganz rechts' -- subject(s): Republikaner (Political party)

Is Michael j. mcnicholas a republican?

He is nonpartisan, meaning he does not support one political party over the other.

What political party is boris Johnson?

Conservative. He was MP for Henley on Thames, Michael Heseltine's former constituency.

What is Michael Jordan's political party?

Figure it out yourself it dosent say it anywhere

How does a party get registered as a political party?

A Party can get registered as a Political Party through Political Party Council. And it can be registered as a political party if the party comply with the set laws for the registration of all political parties

Will a schism in a political benefit the party?

No, a division in a political party will not benefit the party.