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As of 2014 Michael Jordan is the chairman as well as the owner of the Hornet Basketball team. Jordan is a former NBA player.

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Q: What is Michael Jordan currently doing?
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Is Michael Jordan married?

Michael Jordan is not currently married, he and his former wife Juanita were divorced in 2006.

Were does Michael Jordan's play basketball?

Michael Jordan currently doesn't play basketball due to the fact that he is retired.

Michael jeffrey Jordan s biografy?

Jeffrey Michael Jordan is the son of Michael Jordan. He was born in 1988, and played basketball and the high school and college level. He currently works for Nike.

Where is Michael Jordan today?

Michael Jordan is currently a part-owner and Managing Member of Basketball Operations of the Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA.

What is Michael Jordan doing now?

Michael Jordan is know working for Hanes and is a part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Where did Michael Jordan meet Juanita Jordan?

What is Juanita Jordon doing now

Who invented Jordans?

Michael Jordan invented the Jordan shoe, but Nike is who currently makes the shoe.

Which sport did Michael Jordan try after doing basketball?

Michael Jordan played baseball because his dad loved baseball

How old is Michael Jordan currently?

MJ is now 45

Who is richer Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan?

Michael Jackson's estate is worth more, it's currently over $1 billion. Michael Jordan is worth just over $500 million

Childhood of Michael Jordan?

what was Michael j. fox doing during his childhood?

What team did Michael Jordan become most famous playing on?

Michael Jordan last played for the Washingron Wizards but, he is currently a manager of the NY Knicks

What connection does Michael Jordan currently have to basketball?

He owns the charlotte bobcats.

Is Michael jordan died?

No, he has retierd. He is currently coach of the charlotte bobcats

Will Michael Jordan ruin Charlotte?

no he wont he is doing alright

What is Michael Jordan doing in 2008?

he is working on a science project

Is Michael Jordan currently playing basketball on a basketball team?

No he's retired

Where does michael jordan work now?

Well now he is doing shoes

Who is the highest paid athlete Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan?

Currently (2005), Tiger Woods is the highest paid athlete. Michael Jordan is the fourth. Hope this helps! Dr. B.

Is Micheal Jordan still the spokesperson for Hanes Socks.?

Hanes is not currently running ads with Michael Jordan. The ads were also with Charlie Sheen and Michael Jordan. With the recent Charlie Sheen events that happened they have dropped that particular commercial.

Michael Jordan now plays basketball on what team?

Michael Jordan does not currently play, as he is the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. He does play golf as a hobby on his spare time, but he does not play professionally in any sport.

What is Michael Jordan doing in 2013?

right now in 2013 michael jordan is beating up people in cars

What is Michael Jordan doing these days?

Living at his house with his girl friend in Florida

What has Michael Jordan been doing the last couple years?

Keeping his distance

Is actor Michael French married?

The british actor Michael French who currently plays Nick Jordan in Casualty, and was David Wicks in Eastenders is not married, he is gay.