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he didn't have a Baseball card

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โˆ™ 2012-03-04 21:02:39
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Q: What is Michael Jordan's first Baseball Card?
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How much is Michael jordans 1991 MVP card worth?

Derek jeter's first round draft pick card worth

How much is Michael jordans rookie card worth?

The fleer one is $15,995.00 for a gem 10!

How much is Michael Jordans Barcelona ' 92 Basketball card worth?

how much is the michael jordan barcelona commemorative card excellent condition never touched in case 1992 gold on front

How much is a Michael Jordan upper deck baseball card?

Michael Jordan was never on a baseball card. He plays basketball. Wow, Michael Jordan did play Baseball. I think it was only for 1 season.But, Yes, He did Play Baseball!

What is the value of a 1984 missing links productions Michael Jordan olympic rookie card?

at best $20 this is a widely reprinted card and no one knows how many were even mad

Who was the manufacture of the first baseball card?

Peck and Snyder created the first baseball card in 1869.

What is the best baseball card to sell on eBay?

probably a michael jordan gold rookie card

How much is a Michael Jorden baseball card worth?

10 dollars

How much is a lebron James 2003 mvp rookie card worth?

not much, wait Ike 20 years then sell i. chances are he will become someone around Michael jordans rank. not as high as Michael Jordan, but close

What is a Michael Jordan farm club baseball card worth?

almost $14,000!

When was the first Babe Ruth baseball card made?

The 1914 Babe Ruth baseball card, produced by the Baltimore Sun Newspaper was the first Babe Ruth card.

What is a Michael Jordan Birmingham barons classic baseball card 1994 worth?


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