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Q: What is Michael Jordan's Lowest scoring game with the Chicago Bulls?
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What was Michael jordans lowest scoring playoff game?

15 points It came at the New York Knicks in a loss. Game 2 of the 1989 Conference Finals. See the Related Link below for more information.

What Michael Jordan's lowest scoring playoff game?

It was 1989 eastern conference finals against the pistons game 5

What team has Michael Jordan had the lowest career point average against?

Chicago Bulls

Who was lowest scoring batsman in 2011 cricket worl cup?

No one keeps the information about the lowest scoring batsman,everyone keeps the record of highest scoring batsman who was Dilshan.

What is the 5 lowest scoring professional football - soccer league over the last 2 years in the world?

"mamady sidibe" Who ever wrote this clearly doesn't understand the question...the question asked what is the lowest scoring 'LEAGUE' not lowest scoring player or team.

What is the lowest scoring football league in Europe?


What was the lowest scoring lacrosse game in history?

The lowest scoring lacrosse game in history is Switzerland defeating Norway 2-0 at the 2010 world championships.

What is Michael Jordan's lowest scoring nba game?

At least at the time, Michael Jordan's score of 6 points in the Washington Wizards loss to the Indiana Pacers on Thursday of December 27nd was his lowest scoring NBA game. By doing so he ended a league record streak of 866 consecutive games with double-digit scoring. In the next game two nights later he bounced right back with 51 points against the Charlotte Hornets.

What is the lowest scoring game in NCAA history?

The lowest scoring game in NCAA history was between North Carolina and Pittsburgh in 1941. Their combined score was only 46.

Lowest scoring team in the football league ever?

you dog

Who is lowest scoring team in NFL 2011?

Easy... Colts

What is the lowest scoring NHL hockey game?

1 to 0

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