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American Airlines Arena (sometimes referred to as "Triple A")

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Q: What is Miami Heat stadium called?
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Why is the Miami Heat stadium in Florida?

Ummm..... Miami is in Florida

What stadium do the Miami Heat play in?

The Miami Heat play in the American Airlines Arena, in Downtown Miami.

What is the stadium in Miami for the Miami Heat Basketball team?

The American Airlines Arena

Why is the Miami Dolphins stadium called the dolphins stadium?

It is presently called Sun Life Stadium.

Why is Miami Heat called heat?

Its hot in Miami

Why are the Miami Heat called the heat?

Miami heat are called the heat because if you think about it, is it cold in miami? If it was cold in miami it would be called the miami frost or miami shiver. In other words it is hot in miami and they think they are hot in terms of style.

How many seats are in the Miami Heat stadium?

The American Airlines Arena has 19,600 seats.

The capacity of the Miami heats stadium?

The Miami Heats' stadium can hold 16,640 people.

Are the Florida Marlins going to become the Miami marlins?

yes. the Miami herald said that in 2012 when the marlins open their new stadium, they will have new uniforms and will be called the Miami marlins. their new stadium will be were the orange bowl used to be so they would be located in Miami.

What football stadium is located in Miami Florida?

The football stadium that located in Miami, Florida is Sun Life Stadium. This stadium is the home of the NFL Team Miami Dolphins. Sun Life Stadium also hosts the Orange Bowl.

When was Miami Dolphins football stadium open?

the Miami dolphins stadium was first open in 1966

What stadium do the Miami hurricanes play at?

Dolphin Stadium

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