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Its called the Golden Rule.

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Q: What is Matt striker's finisher called?
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What is suicides finisher called?

The finisher move of professional wrestler "The Undertaker" is called the "Tombstone Piledriver."

Jim Duggans finisher?

Jim Duggans finisher is called the 3 point stance

Whats Matt Hardy's finish move?

its the twist of fate he also uses the side effect as a finisher

What is Alberto Del Rio's finisher?

It's called Cross Arm Breaker.... It is a finisher as well as a submission move....

What is wwe Christian cage's finisher?

Christian's finisher is called the Killswitch.

What is the name of Evan bournes finisher?

Evan Boune's finisher is not called Air bourne it is just the Shooting star press

What is R-Truths finisher called?

the hard truth

What is the rock's finisher move called?

Rock bottom

What is Triple H finisher called?

Pedigre lock

Are female lions called strikers or hunters?


What is the name of Triple H's finisher?

It's called pedigree.

What is Kofi Kingston's finisher called in WWE?

Trouble in Paradise