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Q: What is Matt and Jeff hardys favorite color?
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What is Matt hardys favorite color?

his favorite color is black and blue

Who invented Jeff hardys enigma sign?

Jeff and Matt

Is Jeff hardy Matt hardys brother?

Yes.but for the time that jeff had left they no longer hardys brother.

What is Matt hardys home address?

well, Jeff Hardys address is 212 Boys Camp Road Cameron,NC 28326 me and Matt & Jeff Hardy

What Jeff hardys brothers name?

Matt hardy

What was Matt and Jeff Hardys mothers name?


What is Matt hardys favorite food?


Did Jeff and Matt hardys mum died of cancer?

The Hardys' mother died of brain cancer in 1987.

Jeff hardys sisters name is?

Jeff doesnt have a sister. His only brother is Matt.

How did Jeff hardys house burn down?

it was Matt trust me!

Is Matt hardy Jeff hardys brother?

Yes they are brothers.

Who wants to end Jeff Hardys life?

Matt Hardy

Who are Jeff and Matt hardys mother?

Ruby Moore Hardy.

Who is Jeff hardy and Matt hardys fathers name?


Who is Matt and Jeff hardys mother moms name?

it is Jennifer

What is Jeff and Matt hardys band name?

Matt hardy is not in a band but Jeff Hardy's band is called peroxwhy?gen

What is Matt and Jeff Hardys email?

Jeff Nero Hardy: Matt Nero Hardy:

What color eyes do Matt Hardy have?

They change from green and brown but mostly green like Jeff Hardy's.MaTT HARDYS EYES ARE BROWN!!!!(NOT BLACK)!!!

Is Jeff hardy really Matt hardys brother?

Yes. Yes he is.

Who was Jeff hardys first tag team partner?

Matt hardy

What is the name of Jeff and Matt Hardys dad?

His name is Gilbert Hardy.

What is Jeff hardys real name?

Jeff hardys real name is Jeffrey Nero Hardy. also his brother Matt hardys real name is Mathew Moore Hardy. Edited by: Sam B. Hardy :|

What is Matt Hardy's WWE symbol?

Matt Hardys symbol is the icon that he and his brother Jeff had created the symbol is two H's to represent the two of them being the hardys together

What is Jeff hardys zip code?

Matt And Jeff Hardy's Zip Code is 28326.

Who started Jeff hardys house fire?

matt hardy!