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Mariano Rivera won three games as a starter in his career. That was in 1995.

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Mariano Rivera's record in the postseason is 8-1 with 42 saves.

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5-3 with a 5.51 ERA in 10 starts.

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Q: What is Mariano Rivera's postseason record?
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How many blown saves does mariano rivera have in the postseason?


What is Roy Halladay's postseason record?

Halladay's record in postseason is 2-1. His first year in the postseason was 2010.

What is the Bears all time postseason record?

There all time postseason record is 17-18.

Starting pitcher best era postseason?

Mariano Rivera has the best career postseason ERA wit 0.74 in 133.1 innings pitched.

Which NFL team has the record for most postseason appearances?

The Dallas Cowboys hold the record for most postseason appearences with 28. They also hold the record for most postseason games played with 54.

What is Mariano Rivera's career ERA?

Through the 2011 season, Mariano Rivera has a career ERA of 2.21. He also has a career postseason ERA of 0.70.

How many career at bats does Mariano Rivera have?

Mariano Rivera has 3 career at bats without a hit. He is also 0-3 in postseason at bats.

Who holds the all time MLB postseason scoreless innings pitched record?

Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees with 34 2/3 scoreless playoff innings between 1998-2000.

Which pitcher has the most career saves in the playoffs?

Through the 2010 postseason, Mariano Rivera has the most saves, with 42.

Who has the most RBI in a postseason?

Bernie Williams holds the record for most career postseason RBIs with 80.

Which major league pitcher holds the record for the most wins in the postseason?

As of 2009, Andy Pettitte holds the record for most career postseason wins with 18.

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