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Through the 2011 season, Mariano Rivera has a career ERA of 2.21. He also has a career postseason ERA of 0.70.

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Q: What is Mariano Rivera's career ERA?
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What about mariano rivera's 2.31 era?

As of 2009 Mariano Rivera has a 2.25 career ERA.

What is mariano rivera lowest career era?

Mariano Rivera's lowest ERA in a single season was 1.38 in 2005.

What active New York Yankee pitcher has the lowest career era?

Mariano Rivera

Starting pitcher best era postseason?

Mariano Rivera has the best career postseason ERA wit 0.74 in 133.1 innings pitched.

What is Mariano Rivera's postseason record?

Mariano Rivera won three games as a starter in his career. That was in 1995.

How many career at bats does Mariano Rivera have?

Mariano Rivera has 3 career at bats without a hit. He is also 0-3 in postseason at bats.

Which active Yankees pitcher has the lowest era?

Through games played on May 28, 2009 that is Mariano Rivera with a career ERA of 2.29 (287 earned runs in 1043 1/3 innings pitched).

What are mariano rivera's stats vs boston for his career?


Who has the lowest ERA in the live-ball era after 1920?

Season: Bob Gibson of the St. Louis Cardinals at 1.12 in 1968. Gibson had 13 shutouts that season along with 28 complete games. Career: For pitchers that started their career after 1920, that is Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees at 2.30 (as of June 30, 2009).

Who has the best career average versus Mariano Rivera?

With a minimum of 20 at bats Edgar Martinez has a .625 batting average against Mariano Rivera.

Who is Mariano v del Rosario?

Mariano is one of the filipino scientists during the Spanish era who graduated from St. Tomas University

How many saves does Mariano Rivera have against Boston?

As of the 2009 season, Mariano Rivera has 47 career saves against the Boston Red sox.