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Marc Andre fleury favorite animal

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Q: What is Marc Andre fleury's favorite color?
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What is Marc Andre fleurys favorite band?


What is Marc Andre fleury's eye colous?

Marc-Andre Fleury has brown eyes

What is Marc Andre fleuries salary?

In 2009, Marc Andre Fleuries salary was $3,500,000.

How tall is Marc Andre Bergeron?

Marc Andre Bergeron 5 foot 10

When was Marc-Andre Fleury born?

Marc-Andre Fleury was born on November 28, 1984.

How tall is Marc-Andre Bourdon?

NHL player Marc-Andre Bourdon is 6'-01''.

How tall is Marc-Andre Cliche?

NHL player Marc-Andre Cliche is 6'-01''.

How much does Marc-Andre Fleury weigh?

NHL player Marc-Andre Fleury weighs 185 pounds.

What is Marc Andre fleury favourite food?

There was an interview with him, and the guy asked him what his favorite food was to eat, and he said hot dogs.

What NHL team does Marc-Andre Bourdon play for?

Marc-Andre Bourdon plays for the Philadelphia Flyers.

What NHL team does Marc-Andre Cliche play for?

Marc-Andre Cliche plays for the Colorado Avalanche.

What position does Marc-Andre Bourdon play?

Marc-Andre Bourdon plays defense for the Philadelphia Flyers.