What is Management of farms and farm animals?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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The management of farms and farm animals is called farming. There are many different types of farms. There are cattle farms, horse farms, food production farms and pig farms, to name a few.

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Q: What is Management of farms and farm animals?
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What are the homes of farm animals?

Farms, primarily.

What is the farm animal habitat?

research on farms in Maryland with animals for habitats

What evil purposes was guns made for?

To hunt animals on the farms, to keep the farm animals safe.

How do the events on Animal Farm affect animals on neighboring farms?

In George Orwell's Animal Farm, the events on the farm led to neighboring farms trying to discredit the farm. This is an allegory to the west trying to discredit communism.

What do you call a store that sells farm animals?

You can't buy farm animals at a store unless they're toy farm animals. Farm animals are bought from other farms, from livestock auctions, or classifieds in the newspaper or Internet. Farm animals are not pets, thus they're not sold at stores.

What has the author Garnet Wolsey Forster written?

Garnet Wolsey Forster has written: 'Questions and problems on farm organization and management' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Agriculture, Farms 'Farm organization and management' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Agriculture, Farm management, Farms

How many animals live on a farm?

That depends on how many animals that that farm can support and how much land that farm occupies. It also depends on what type of animals are on a farm. Some farms may only have a couple animals, whereas others who have much more land may have close to a million or more.

Is Animal Farm the only farm run by animals in England?

As Animal Farm is a fictional story, there has been no reports of animals taking-over farms in England, or the world itself for that matter. In the story, the Animal Farm is the only farm run completely by animals.

What animals were the best workerson Animal Farm?

the best animals for working on farms were oxen. horses were good but an oxen is stronger and better suited for farm work.

What has the author James Marcus Alcorn written?

James Marcus Alcorn has written: 'A farm management study of two groups of farms in the Sherwood district' -- subject(s): Farm management

What animals did the Celts keep on their farms?

There are quite a few animals that the Celts decide to keep on their farm. These animals include sheet and cows.

What is he name of a farm that keeps animals?

In general, animal husbandry .