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It is "Mike the Tiger."

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Q: What is Louisiana State University mascot?
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What college has an owl for a mascot?

Louisiana State University has a live tiger named mike as their mascot. Southern University and A&M college has a live jaguar. Balylor University uses a live bear.

What is the Louisiana state mascot?

its a tiger

What is the mascot of Elizabeth City State University university?

Elizabeth City State University's Mascot is the Vikings !

What is Dakota State University's mascot?

The athletic mascot for South Dakota State University is the Jackrabbit.

What is the mascot of California State University, Monterey Bay university?

The mascot is a beaver!

What is the mascot of Kentucky State University university?

Kentucky State mascot is the Thorough-breed

What is the mascot of the university of Ohio?

The mascot for Ohio University is a bobcat, he is known by his name which is Rufus.

What is the mascot of Idaho state?

Benny the Bengal is the mascot for Idaho State University.

What is Ohio State's mascot?

The Ohio State University mascot is Brutus Buckeye.

What is JSU's mascot?

Jackson State University's mascot is the Tiger.

What is the mascot of nmsu?

The New Mexico State University mascot is the Aggies.

Does Florida has a mascot?

The University of Florida's Mascot is the Gator and Florida State's mascot is the Seminole... the state of Florida, i have no idea.