What is Lewis Hamilton's Birth Weight?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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I would like to know why it matters; why are you asking?

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Q: What is Lewis Hamilton's Birth Weight?
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What is Lewis hamiltons weight?

You would have to ask him

Is george Hamilton Lewis Hamiltons grandad?


What is the full name of Lewis Hamiltons?

Blobyneen Highstreet

What is Lewis hamiltons favourite food?

Young children and babies.

What is Lewis Hamiltons full name?

Lewis Hamilton's full name is: Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton

What is Lewis hamiltons favourite colour?

purple :) Actually it's orange

What is Bethany Hamiltons birth place?

Kauai, Hawaii

Is Lewis Hamiltons brother older than him?

One was. kyle was older and Bradley was younger

Who is Lewis Hamiltons companion in next formula 1 in India?

Lewis Hamiltons team mate for the 2010 season has been Jenson Button. Whilst India hopes to host a Formula 1 race in the future there are no planned dates this season or next.

Lewis Hamiltons middle name?

His full name is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton. He is named after Carl Lewis and his mother's maiden name is Davidson but his mother and father never got married.

What is Lewis hamiltons sponsorship?

He is sponsored by: Vodafone, McClaren, Mercedes, Mobil 1, Exxon, and some more I do not know.

What is the birth name of Bobo Lewis?

Bobo Lewis's birth name is Barbara Lewis.