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His total career points are 14, 605 according to Yahoo answers....:)

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Q: What is Lebron James's total career points?
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Who has more points LeBron James or Dwyane Wade?

Lebron James currently has more points at a total of 17,362 career points. Dwyane Wade has a total of 13,908 for his career.

What is LeBron James total career points?

Lebron James as of the end of the 2010-2011 NBA regular season has scored : 17,362 Points.

What is LeBron James total career points in NBA including 2011-2012 season?


Has LeBron James passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in total points?

not even close Through the 2007-08 season, James has 10,689 total points. Abdul-Jabbar ended his career with 38,387 points.

Did Larry Bird score more points than LeBron James?

While LeBron James may pass Larry Birds' career points total it will take a few of years at least. As of the end of the 2008-09 Season Lebron has 12,993 points. Larry Bird retired in 1992 with 21,791 points. Larry Bird record for the Celtics is now broken by James.

How many total career points did Steve Yzerman have?

Steve Yzerman had a total of 1755 career points. He is #6 on the all-time NHL total career points list.

How many times has LeBron James fouled out in his career?

4 times total in his career

How many points did LeBron James have his rookie year?

in terms of averages, lebron James got an average of 20.9pts per game on his rookie season debut in James filed up 1654 points in his career.. his total stats is 1654points, 432 rebounds, 465 assists, 130 steals and 58 blocks to be complete..

How many points does Paul Pierce have in his career?

Paul Pierce has 21,410 total points for his career

What is the total number of points LeBron James scored during the 2003-2004 season?

LeBron James scored 1654 points during the 2003-2004 NBA season.

How many points has LeBron James scored in his career?

On December 18th 2007, Lebron James passed the 9,000 career point mark. He became the fastest player to that total. He reached the plateau at 22 years, 352 days, he took the record from Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who was 24 years, 127 days old when he reached 9,000.

How many points did George Blanda score in his career?

Blanda scored a total of 2,002 points in his career.

How many total points does Kobe Bryant this season?

More than lebron.;)

How many points does lebron James have total now?

more than 20 i think

Who has the most points in the NHL?

Wayne Gretzky. (He has the most career goals, as well as the most career points.) He finished his career with a total of 2,857

How many points did Wayne Gretzky get in his NHL career?

Gretzky scored 2857 pts in the regular season and 382 in the playoffs for a total NHL career total of 3239 points.

Who has scored the most points in the NHL?

Wayne Gretzky. (He has the most career goals, as well as the most career points.) He finished his career with a total of 2,857

Kobe Bryant total career points?


What is carmelo anthony's total career points?


How may points does LeBron James have?

he has a total of 11,801 points. He also has 2,980 rebounds and 2,844 assists.

How many career points did Bobby Orr score?

Bobby Orr scored 270 goals and had 645 assists for a career total of 915 points.

How many points has Kobe Bryant scored in his NBA career?

As of 3-13-09 Kobe Bryant has scored a total of 23,417 points in his career.

Are career points the total season and playoff points?

Unless it is specifically noted, career points are regular season only. Statistics for the regular season are kept separate from statistics for the playoffs.

How many total points does carmelo Anthony have in his career?


How many points total in Ray Allen's career?