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Q: What is LeBron James favorite pair of shoes?
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How do you use pair in a sentence?

I wear my favorite pair of shoes with my favorite pair of socks.

What is joe jonas' favorite pair of shoes?

pink vans shoes

What is Diggy Simmon's favorite pair of shoes?

His favorite pair is name after his girlfriend Tracy he named it himself but they are sneakers

Logan Henderson's favorite pair of shoes to wear?

i think he wears Supra shoes

What is Miley Cyrus favorite pair of shoes?

jessica simsipon

What does the 240 pair of the lebron X shoes consist of?

I would very much hope that they consist of 240 shoes for the left foot and 240 for the right!

What are Selena gomez's favorite shoes to wear?

Selena Gomez her self said on a video that her favorite pair of shoes to wear are green converse with a flag on them

How are Saucony men running shoes?

Well one of my friends use to have a pair and they said they were pretty good for running shoes but not his favorite. I forget what his favorite ares but he says they come close to second place compare to the other pair.

Gifts for a soccer player?

A pair of new soccer shoes or their favorite soccer team jersey

Whats Kevin Jonas's favorite pair of shoes?

Kevin likes leather dressy shoes, but he really likes boots or really nice, and leathery tennis shoes. mostly

What are the name of LeBron James headphones?

There is a pair of Lebron James headphones made by Skullcandy: Lebron personally wears Beats by Dr. Dre:

6 things you can were on your feet?

-- a pair of tennis shoes -- a pair of dress shoes -- a pair of socks

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