What is Larry birds wingspan?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Q: What is Larry birds wingspan?
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What is the wingspan of the Umbrella bird?

Umbrella birds weigh about one pound.

What south American bird has a wingspan of 12 feet?

While there are many South American birds with a wide wingspan, the Condor is the largest one. Condor is a specie of vulture with a wingspan of up to 10-12 feet.

What is a player wingspan?

It would be the same as saying a birds wingspan ... the bird may look small but when it spreads its wings it grow by upwards of 6 feet ... when a play is on any Field his wingspan is how far he/she can starch to the left or right ...

What is the chickadees wingspan?

Black-capped is 8 inches (Sibley Guide to Birds of NA).

What are the 5 largest birds in North America?

California condor, eight and a half foot wingspan.

When was Larry birds jersey retired?


Why do buzards have to hop before the take flight?

I think it has to do with their wingspan. Their wings are so long they have to hop to really be able to spread them out. I think their wingspan is over 6 foot in length on some birds.

What where the names of Larry Birds parents?

judy and aaron

What is Larry birds favorite foods?

steak and poates

Larry birds net worth?

75 million

Will a wide wingspan have a better advantage over long wingspan?

It depends. Long narrow wings on planes and birds have an advantage for long distance flight where maneuverability is not a big issue. Shorter broad wings on planes or birds provide an advantage for making quicky rolls and turns, where maneuverability is the advantage.

Which is the heaviest raptor?

Raptors are birds of prey. The Martial Eagle of Africa is the largest bird of prey with a wingspan of 2 meters.