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Larry Fitzgerald is number 11 on the Arizona Cardinals.

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Q: What is Larry Fitzgerald's number on the Arizona Cardinals?
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Did the Arizona Cardinals drop Larry Fitzgerald?


Who is Larry Fitzgerald?

Larry Fitzgerald is an Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver.

Fastest player Arizona Cardinals?

Larry Fitzgearld

Who are the major athletes of the Arizona Cardinals?

larry fitzgarled

What NFL team does Larry Foote play for?

Larry Foote plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

What team does Larry Fitzgerald play for?

Larry Fitzgerald currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals

Where in Arizona does Larry Fitzgerald live?

Larry Fitzgerald's home is located in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a professional football player who plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

Did Larry Fitzgerald get traded?

No, he is still currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals.

What is Larry Fitzgeralds verticle jump?


Who wears the 11 jersey for the Arizona Cardinals?

Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver.

Who has the most receptions in a season in the NFL by a fullback?

Larry Centers with 101 for the 1995 Arizona Cardinals.

Who did the Arizona Cardinals draft in 2004?

Larry FitzgeraldKarlos DansbyDarnell DockettAlex StepanovichAntonio SmithNick LeckeyJohn Navarre