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Q: What is LA Dodgers full name?
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Do the LA Dodgers display the players name on their jerseys?


Is the dodgers from Boston?

No the dodgers are from la

What is vasco da gama's full name?

his full name is Vascas da la Gamacus.

What is the full name of la?

LA - Los Angeles

Does George Lopez own the LA Dodgers?

He purchased a controlling intrest in the LA Dodgers.

What is the name of the song or theme when the LA Dodgers hit a home run?

The name of the song played when the LA Dodgers hit a home run is called Kern Kraft 400 it is performed by a group called Zombie Nation.

What was the name of the stadium where the dodgers played in brooklyn before moving to la?

Ebbets Field

What is LA's baseball teams?

LA Angels And LA Dodgers

Does the LA Dodgers have a mascot?


Coach for the LA Dodgers?

The Dodgers are managed by Don Mattingly.

What is the dodgers triple a team?

Since 2009, the LA Dodgers' AAA affiliate has been the Albuquerque Isotopes (and, yes, the team's name was inspired by The Simpsons.)

What sports did jackey robberson play?

HE PLAYED baseball for the la dodgers his name jackie robinson

Who is the manager of the LA dodgers?

Don Mattingly is the current manager of the Dodgers.

What was the name of the stadium where the dodgers played before moving to los angeles?

the name of the dodgers stadium before they moved to la was ebbets stadium their last game there was September 24 1957.

What is altair of assassin's creed's full name?

Altair's full name is Altair ibn la-ahad.

How many World Series Championships have the LA dodgers won?

Prior to moving to LA, the Dodgers were the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series in 1955. After moving to LA and becoming the LA Dodgers, they won the World Series in 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, and 1988. If you count the Brooklyn title, they have won 6 World Series Championships. If you only count those as the LA Dodgers, they have 5.

There is a sportscaster who has a last name of scully. what is his first name?

You are likely thinking of longtime LA Dodgers sportscaster Vin Scully.

Why did the dodgers come to la?


What is the la dodgers color?


What were facts about La Salle?

La Salle's full name was Rene-Roberts Cavelier La Salle.

What is the LA Dodgers mascot?

The Dodgers have no mascot. 4 teams do not have a mascot: Dodgers, Angels, Cubs and Yankees.

What was the dodgers first name?

In Brooklyn, the Dodgers were first called the Trolley Dodgers, then the name was shortened to Dodgers.

Who is the manager of the LA dodgers in 2011?

The manager of the 2011 Dodgers was Don Mattingly.

When did the Brooklyn dodgers become the LA Dodgers?

1958 was their first season in L.A.

Is LA Lakers NY Mets LA Dodgers a function?