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his sisters names are Sharia and Shaya

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Q: What is Kobe Bryant sisters names?
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What Kobe Bryant sisters names?

joy Bryant

What are Kobe Bryant's sisters names?

Shimoobla Bryant Smith James Williams III

Who are Kobe Bryant's sisters?

Kobe Bryant's two older sisters are Sharia and Shaya Bryant.

How many siblings do Kobe Bryant have?

Kobe Bryant has two sisters.

How many siblings does Kobe Bryant have?

Kobe Bryant has two sisters, Sharia and Shaya

What is the name of Kobe Bryant sister?

The name of Kobe Bryant's siters are Sharia and Shaya Bryant (older sisters)

Kobe Bryant kids names?

Kobe Bryant kid\'s names are Natalia and Gianna, two daughters.

Does Kobe Bryant have a sister?

He has 2 sisters.

What is Kobe Bryant's daughter's name?

Kobe Bryant's daughters' names are Natalia Diamante Bryant and Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant

Who is the eldest out of Kobe Bryant's brother and sisters?


Was Kobe Bryant an only child?

No, he has 2 sisters.

Does Kobe Bryant have any brother or sisters?


What Kobe Bryant family names?

DAD: Joe Jellybean Bryant MOM: Pamela Cox Bryant SISTERS: Sharia Bryant and Shaya Bryant WIFE: Vanessa (Laine) CHILDREN: Natalia Bryant and Gianna Bryant

How many brothers and sisters does Kobe Bryant have?

He has two older sisters and no brothers.

Does Kobe Bryant have brothers and sisters?

yes. he does have two sisters. he is the youngest of the three.

What are Kobe Bryant's parents names?

Lebron bryant and tryone bryant but they split but its ok

What are Kobe Bryant's grandparents names?

Coleman Williams

What are Kobe Bryant brothers and sisters name?

I believe its Shayria aND Sharia

Does Kobe Bryant have a sister named robyn Roberts?

no his sister's names are Shayla Bryant and Sharia Bryant

What is Kobe Bryant's real name?

Kobe Bryant's name is Kobe Bryant.

Did Kobe Bryant get a divorce?

Kobe Bryant did not get a divorce.

What is Kobe Bryant's real name?

Kobe Bryant's name is Kobe Bryant.

Does Kobe Bryant have any siblings?

Yes he has 2 sisters and is the youngest of them 3

Did Kobe Bryant's sisters play basketball?

yes they did they play in WNBA on the lakers

How do you spell Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant