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Q: What is Kimberly Meissner's favorite colour?
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What is Kimberly Walsh's favorite color?

kimberly Walsh's favourite colour is indigo

What is kimberly wyatt's favorite color?

Kimberly's favourite colour is Dark Blue and Black

What are meissners corpuscle sensitive to?

pressure / vibration /touch /stretch ......

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Vanessa's favorite colour is red

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What is Kimberly Walshe's favorite color?

her favorite color back in 2005 was pink im not sure bout now

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Her fav colour is pink and purple

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His favourite colour is blue =]

Which does not belong reticular layer kertain dermal papillae meissners corpuscles?

Meissner's corpuscles

What are a polar bear's favorite colors?

They have no favorite colour.

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his favorite colour is pink

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