What is John Lyons best known for?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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John Lyons is a common name. Famous John Lyons include an American footballer, a bishop, a number of politicians, a soldier who received a Victoria Cross, an Ice Hockey player and a horse trainer.

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Q: What is John Lyons best known for?
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When was John Lyons - hurler - born?

John Lyons - hurler - was born in 1924.

When was John P. Lyons born?

John P. Lyons was born in 1876.

When was John Lyons - VC - born?

John Lyons - VC - was born in 1824.

When did John J. Lyons die?

John J. Lyons died in 1945.

What is Kim Lyons best know for?

Kim Lyons is best known for the Kim Lyons diet. The diet is a 12 week diet and exercise plan with end result claiming to lead to optimal fitness, physical, mental and emotional health.

When was John Lyons - Antiguan politician - born?

John Lyons - Antiguan politician - was born in 1760.

When did John Lyons - Antiguan politician - die?

John Lyons - Antiguan politician - died in 1816.

When was John Lyons - actor - born?

John Lyons - actor - was born on 1943-09-14.

When did John Lyons - VC - die?

John Lyons - VC - died on 1867-04-20.

When did John Lyons - ice hockey - die?

John Lyons - ice hockey - died in 1971.

When was John Lyons - ice hockey - born?

John Lyons - ice hockey - was born in 1900.

When was John Lyons - footballer - born?

John Lyons - footballer - was born on 1956-11-08.