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Most Super Bowl MVPs (3).

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Q: What is Joe Montana's Super Bowl record?
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What quarterback throw the most touchdowns in a Super Bowl game?

The record for most touchdown passes in a single Super Bowl belongs to Steve Young with 6. Joe Montana is second, with 5. Joe Montana holds the record for most career touchdown passes in a Super Bowl with 11.

What quarterback holds the record for most consecutive completions in a Super Bowl?

As of Super Bowl XLII, that would be Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers with 13 consecutive completions in Super Bowl XXIV.

Who holds the record for the most Super Bowl MVP?

joe Montana with 3 (he won 4)

Was Joe Namath in Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 3.

Which Quarter backs tied most super bowl wins?

Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana share the record of most Super Bowl victories by a quarterback. They are both 4-0 in Super Bowl play.

Who were the quarterbacks when joe gibbs won the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XVII: Joe Theismann Super Bowl XXII: Doug Williams Super Bowl XXVI: Mark Rypien

What record will Tom Brady break if he wins another super bowl?

he will tie joe montana with 4

What player holds the record for the most career pass attempts in Super bowl history?

Joe Montana

Was Joe Namath a rookie when he won the super bowl?

No, Joe was in his 4th season when he and the Jets won Super Bowl III.

How many times did Joe Namath win the Super Bowl?

Joe Namath won the Super Bowl one time. It was Super Bowl III versus the Baltimore Colts.

What quarterbacks never lost a Super Bowl that played in a Super Bowl?

Joe Montana

What player scored the most points in Super Bowl history?

Jerry Rice (49'ers, Raiders) holds the career Super Bowl scoring record with 48 points. (8 TD receptions) Joe Montana (49'ers) holds the Super Bowl record for most touchdown passes, with 11.

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