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Joe Colborne is number 8 on the Calgary Flames.

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Q: What is Joe Colborne's number on the Calgary Flames?
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What position does Joe Colborne play?

Joe Colborne plays center for the Calgary Flames.

What NHL team does Joe Colborne play for?

Joe Colborne plays for the Calgary Flames.

Who won the Lady Byng Trophy in 1987?

1986-87 Joe Mullen Calgary Flames

Who won the Lady Byng Trophy in 1989?

1988-89 Joe Mullen Calgary Flames

When was jarome iginla traded to the Calgary flames?

After his Junior Career with the Kamloops Blazers, Jarome Iginla was drafted by the Dallas Stars 5th overall then immediately traded to the Calgary Flames for veteran Joe Nieuwendyk.

Where was Joe Colborne born?

Joe Colborne was born in Calgary, Alberta on 01-30-90.

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Joe Howes was born on June 20, 1970, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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When was jarome iginla traded to the flames?

1996 from the Dallas Stars for Joe Nieuwendyk

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