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Winning 1984 Olympics Marathon.

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Q: What is Joan Benoit Samuelson famous for?
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Who is the famous Maine female runner?

Joan Benoit Samuelson

What has the author Joan Benoit Samuelson written?

Joan Benoit Samuelson has written: 'Joan Samuelson's running for women' -- subject(s): Running for women, Physical fitness for women

Who holds the 10000 meter world record for women over 50?

joan benoit samuelson

What actors and actresses appeared in There Is No Finish Line - 2011?

The cast of There Is No Finish Line - 2011 includes: Joan Benoit Samuelson as herself

When did women compete in marathon in the olympic games?

In 1984 the Los Angeles Olympics had a women's marathon. Joan Benoit Samuelson of the United States won.

When was Joan Benoit born?

Joan Benoit was born on 1957-05-16.

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no she isn't, i just met her this past weekend, May 2, 2009

Who did Zola Budd trip in Los Angeles Olympics 1984?

Mary Decker, USA

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What has the author Ulrik Samuelson written?

Ulrik Samuelson has written: 'Ulrik Samuelson' -- subject(s): Exhibitions

What is the birth name of Mikael Samuelson?

Mikael Samuelson's birth name is Mikael Gustaf Lennart Samuelson.