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Jimmy Butler is number 21 on the Chicago Bulls.

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Q: What is Jimmy Butler's number on the Chicago Bulls?
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What NBA team does Jimmy Butler play for?

Jimmy Butler plays for the Chicago Bulls.

Who is Jimmy butler?

Jimmy Butler is a professional American NBA basketball player with the Chicago Bulls.

What position does Jimmy Butler play?

Jimmy Butler plays shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls.

How old is Jimmy Butler?

Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls is 27 years old (born September 14, 1989).

What sports teams was Jimmy Counzelmen on?

the bulls

What NFL team does Jimmy Clausen play for?

Jimmy Clausen plays for the Chicago Bears.

What position does Jimmy Clausen play?

Jimmy Clausen plays Quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

Who was on the Chicago bulls team in 2011-2012?

CHICAGO BULLS!: #3 Omer Asik #5 Carlos Boozer #11 Ronnie Brewer #21 Jimmy Butler #9 Luol Deng #22 Taj Gibson #32 Richard Hamilton #26 Kyle Korver #15 John III Lucas #13 Joakim Noah #1 Derrick Rose #24 Brian Scalabrine #7 C.J. Watson

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What is Jimmy Hayes's number on the Florida Panthers?

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What is Jimmy Nelson's number on the Milwaukee Brewers?

Jimmy Nelson is number 52 on the Milwaukee Brewers.

What is Jimmy Rollins's number on the Philadelphia Phillies?

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What is Jimmy Smith's number on the Baltimore Ravens?

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What is Jimmy Wilson's number on the Miami Dolphins?

Jimmy Wilson is number 27 on the Miami Dolphins.

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When and where did baseball player Jimmy Hallinan die?

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