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He's part owner of Jimmie Johnson's car, along with Rick Hendrick.

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Q: What is Jeff Gordon's percentage of Hendrick Motorsports?
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Who owns Hendrick Motorsports?

Rick Hendrick is the owner of Hendrick Motorsports. Jeff Gordon, along with Hendrick share ownership of Jimmie Johnson's #48 Cup Series car.

Does Jeff Gordon have a lifetime contract with Hendrick Motorsports?

Yes he does.

What year did Jeff Gordon join Hendrick Motorsports?

Jeff Gordon's first race for Hendrick Motorsports was on November 15, 1992. He started to compete full time in 1993 and has been with Rick Hendrick ever since.

Who owns Jeff Gordon's car?

Rick Hendrick, the owner of Hendrick Motorsports, owns Jeff Gordon's Nascar race car.

Did Jeff Gordon recruit Jimmie Johnson to Hendrick Motorsports?


What team does Jeff Gordon drive for?

Jeff Gordon drives for Hendrick Motorsports (Rick Hendrick, Owner), alongside Jimmie Johnson (#48), Kasey Kahne (#5), and Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#88). Gordon has driven for Hendrick Motorsports since 1992.

Since Hendrick Motorsports started how many wins does that team have at Talladega Superspeedway?

List of Hendrick Motorsports winners at Talladega - 1988 - Ken Schrader 1996 - Jeff Gordon 1997 - Terry Labonte 2000 - Jeff Gordon 2004 - Jeff Gordon 2005 - Jeff Gordon 2006 - Jimmie Johnson 2006 - Brian Vickers 2007 - Jeff Gordon (both races) Ten wins for Hendrick Motorsports at Talladega

Who does Jeff Gordon race for?

Jeff Gordon races for Hendrick Motorsports. He has been with Rick Hendrick since his first Nascar Cup Series race in 1992.

Who owns Jeff Gordon's car in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series?

Jeff Gordon's #24 Sprint Cup Series car is owned by Rick Hendrick, who created Hendrick Motorsports.

Does Jeff Gordon own Jimmie Johnson's race team?

No. Jeff Gordon and Rick Hendrick are co-owners of the #48 car only. The race team that Jimmie Johnson drives for is Hendrick Motorsports, whose owner is Rick Hendrick.

Who has Jeff Gordon's owners been in the Nascar Cup Series?

Jeff Gordon has only raced for one team in his Nascar Cup Series career. That's been Hendrick Motorsports, owned by Rick Hendrick.

Is Jeff Gordon a NASCAR driver?

Yes, he is. Jeff Gordon drives the #24 Chevrolet SS for Hendrick Motorsports in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series.