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Fred Taylor's 40 yard dash in the NFL combine time does not appear to be recorded in any verifiable sources

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the mid 4.4 range

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Q: What is Jason witten's forty yard dash time?
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What is Josh Hall's forty yard dash time?

answer 6.21

What is antonio gates forty yard dash time?


What is Reggie Bush's forty yard dash time?

4.2 flat

What is deanthony thomas' forty yd dash time?

4.29 is his lowest

What is Patrick Crayton's forty time?

4.51 40 yd. dash. That was his time when he ran for the scouts coming out of college.

What is Usain Bolt's fastest forty yard dash time?

0.0004- just joking its 3.53

What was Eric Dickerson 40 yard dash time?

Eric was clocked running a 4.3 forty.

What would you run in a forty yard dash if you ran a 3.98 in 15.3 yards?

Your time in the 40 would be 10.4 seconds.

Was Curtis Dickey a one time NFL fastest man?

he was the fastest, running a 4.2 forty yard dash.

What was Cam Newton's 40 yard dash time?

Cam newtons forty at the nfl combine was a 4.58 but in regular auburn training camp he ran a 4.44

What is the fastest time ever ran in the forty yard dash?

Hall ran a 4.15 second 40 yard dash indoors and a 4.37 outdoors while in school at Virginia Tech.

What does Jason Spezza do in his spare time?

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