What is Jackie robison kids name?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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his kids names are Titicaca Jr, and Shanon

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Q: What is Jackie robison kids name?
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What was the name of Jackie Robison's team?

The Dogers

Where was Jackie robison from?

jackie robison was from Cario,GA.

Did Jackie robison get married and have kids?

Jackie Robinson was married to Rachel Annetta Isum in 1946. They had two sons and one daughter together. Their kids names were: Jackie Jr. , Sharon , and David. Jackie was a baseball legend who died in 1972.

How many threats did Jackie Robison get?

I don't know ask your dumb friend.

Did Jackie robison have a dad?


Who is Jackie robison?

Jackie Robinson was an African American baseball player.

Where was Jackie robison raised?

Cairo, Georgia

How was Jackie robison killed?

had a heart deasese

Who was the first black baseball pro?

Jackie robison

What year did Jackie Robison go to school?

a year

Did Jackie Robison want to play baseball?


Is Jackie Robinson from the roaring twenties?

jackie robison now is 94 years old.