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Q: What is Jackie Robinson middle name?
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Does Jackie Robinson have the same middle name as Thomas Edison?

No, Jackie Robinson and Thomas Edison do not share the same middle name. While Jackie Robinson's middle name is Roosevelt, Thomas Edison's middle name is Alva.

What was Jackie Robinson's middle name?

His full name was Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson.

What is Jackie Robinson's mothers name?

The name of Jackie Robinson's mother was Mallie Robinson.

Why was Jackie Robinson named Jackie?

Because hes black. Note that the person that said the previous statement is too stupid to know how to spell the simple contraction "he's." This moron is also unaware that Jackie Robinson has been dead for quite a while, meaning it is incorrect to say that "He's black" -- the only intelligent statement would be "He WAS black." Oh, and BTW, Robinson got the nickname because he was quite adept at stealing bases -- he's one of the few players to ever steal home in a World Series game.

What was the name of Jackie Robinson's college?

Ucla is jackie robinson college name

What was Jackie Robinson's football teams name?

what was Jackie Robinson football teams name

What is the Jackie Robinson Construction Corporation?

Jackie Robinson started the Jackie Robinson Construction Company in 1970 to build houses for low to middle income black families.

What is Jackie Robinson's uncles name?

his name is burton, jackie robinson and his family moved to his house when jackie's dad left them

What was Jackie Robinson's full name?

Jack Roosevelt Robinson

What is the name of Jackie Robinson's wife?

Rachel Robinson

What is Jackie Robinson fathers name?

Jerry Robinson