What is Irene van Dykes weaknesses?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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irene van dyks weaknesses are that she is not a far out shooter and that she needs to come in front.

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Q: What is Irene van Dykes weaknesses?
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What is irene van dykes height?

irene is 1.90m that is 6 foot

What is Iren Van Dykes full name?

Irene van Dyk!

Irene van dykes favourite color?

what is irenes favourite colour?

What is Irene van dykes middle name?

As much as I know she doesn't have a middle name

What is Irene van dykes mothers name?

I believe it could be Sally Abingdon... but im not entirely sure about that one.

When was The Dik Van Dykes created?

The Dik Van Dykes was created in 1985.

When did The Dik Van Dykes end?

The Dick Van Dyke Show ended on 1966-06-01.

Who was dick van dykes father?

Loren Van Dyke

What was dick van dykes son name?


What was Dick Van Dykes neighbor?

Jerry and Millie Helper

Was Irene van Dyke a teacher?

yes irene van dyk is a teacher and she still is

How old was Irene van Dyke when she joined the Silver Ferns?

Irene Van Dyk was 86