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she is a leader because i said so

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Q: What is Irene van Dyk leader qualities?
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Did Irene van Dyk have brathers or sister's?

Irene van Dyk has one sister named Lyndie van Dyk.

How old is irene van dyk?

i think irene van dyk is about 35 40.teach

What is Irene van Dyk full name?

Irene van Dyk is a former New Zealand netball player. Her full married name is listed as Irene van Dyk and her maiden name was Viljoen.

Is Irene Van Dyk married?

Yes, to Christie Dyk

Is Irene Van Dyk racist?

no irene van dyk is not a racist she is a lovely person who would write this as a question is not very nice

Is Irene van Dyk a teacher?

Yes, Irene Van Dyk is a teacher. She is a primary school teacher.

Do Irene van Dyk like NZ?

yes irene does

Where does Irene Van Dyk teach?

Irean Van Dyk teaches at furgesso primary school

What was Irene Van Dyk's last name before she got married?

I think Irene van Dyk's maiden name is Viljoen. Her mother is called Irene Viljoen.

Was Irene van Dyke a teacher?

yes irene van dyk is a teacher and she still is

When did Irene van Dyk marry Christie dyk?

10 December 1994

What is Irene van Dyk's nickname?