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Toro the Bull

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Q: What is Houston's NFL team mascot?
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What NFL team has to pay to use their mascot?


What nfl and CFL team has the same mascot?


What NFL team has the mascot Gumbo the Dog?

The New Orleans Saints.

What is the Houstons NFL team maskot?

Hi I think the answer you are looking for is the Houston Texans ok so now you know your answer from me well good bye.

What is the mascot for the Minnesota Twins baseball team?

Minnesota has 2 mascots. Viktor the Viking & Ragnar the only human mascot in the NFL.

Who is the best NFL mascot?

the best mascot is rowdy or blue

What is the mascot for Denver NFL?

The mascot 4 Denver is broncos

How long does and NFL Mascot play for the NFL?

10 years

What is the highest salary paid to an NFLl mascot?

I am an NFL Mascot however, I cannot tell you which one. I currently make around $62,300 per year. If your NFL team that you are hired to goes to the Superbowl there is a $10,000 Bonus at the completed season date. Hope this helped.

What is the Hutsons mascot in the NFL?

The Toro

What is the mascot for the New york NFL?

they dont have a mascot because there are two ny teams

How do you become an NFL mascot?

try outs