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Q: What is Giovanni dos Santos favorite color?
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Does Giovanni dos Santos have 2 brothers?

Yes, Giovanni dos Santos has two brothers Jonathan and Eder dos Santos.

Does Giovanni dos Santos have a brother?

Yes Giovanni Dos Santos does have a brother a younger brother his name is Johnathon Dos Santos

How old is Giovanni dos Santos?

Giovanni dos Santos is the cutets football player and he is only 20 years old. Giovani dos Santos turned 21 on the 11th of May.

Did Jonathan dos Santos cry when Giovanni dos Santos when to the world cup?


When was Giovanni Aparecido Adriano dos Santos born?

Giovanni Aparecido Adriano dos Santos was born on 1987-02-05.

Does Giovanni dos Santos have a girlfriend?

nope. :)

How many years apart are Giovanni dos Santos and Jonathan dos Santos?

2 years boet

When was Giovanni dos Santos born?

march 11 1989

Who is better Carlos Vela or Giovanni Dos Santos?

no 1 Knows

When did Giovanni dos Santos start playing pro soccer?


What was Giovanni dos Santos's team in 2005?

tottenham spurs a Mexican team

Who is the best player for Mexico in 2010?

the best player is Giovanni dos Santos