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One Sports Parkway, Sacramento, CA

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โˆ™ 2008-02-01 04:37:54
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Q: What is Gavin and Joe Maloof's address?
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Who is joe and gavin maloof?

They are the mamagers

Do have the email address for any of the Maloof Brothers but especially Gavin or Joe?

There is not an email address that is available to the general pubic for the Maloof Brothers. The Maloof Brothers are a prominent Las Vegas family.

Nba's richest owners?

Maloofs of the Sacramento Kings

Who owns the Sacramento Kings?

Joe and Gavin Maloof own the Sacramento Kings.

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Who owns the palms hotel in las Vegas?

It is owned by the Maloof family. They also own the Sacramento Kings basketball team. ------------- It used to be owned by the Maloof family but was claimed by creditors in 2011. TPG Capital and Leonard Green & Associates now own 98% (49% each). The maloofs were left with a token 2% ownership and a promise to keep the maloofs as the front man of the casino, but thats probably just to allow the Maloofs to save face since they were good debtors up until they ran out of money and the casino was reclaimed. the same is true with the Maloofs other marquee property, the NBA sacramento Kings. with no more family money to support the team, the payroll is the lowest in the league and the arena is run down. a similar investment group will probably end up buying the team (a group led by Ron Burkle who has already offered to buy the team but was resoundly rejected by the Maloofs...someone should really tell the Maloofs that they are totally broke!)

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