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Frank Gore is number 21 on the San Francisco 49ers.

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Q: What is Frank Gore's number on the San Francisco 49ers?
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Wayne HuizengaH. Wayne Huizenga$2.3 B 73 Fort Lauderdale, Florida investments171 H. Fisk JohnsonH. Fisk Johnson$2.3 B 53 Racine, Wisconsin SC Johnson & Sons171 Imogene Powers JohnsonImogene Powers Johnson$2.3 B 81 Racine, Wisconsin SC Johnson & Sons171 S. Curtis JohnsonS. Curtis Johnson$2.3 B 56 Racine, Wisconsin SC Johnson & Sons171 Helen Johnson-LeipoldHelen Johnson-Leipold$2.3 B 54 Racine, Wisconsin SC Johnson171 Winnie Johnson-MarquartWinnie Johnson-Marquart$2.3 B 52 Virginia Beach, Virginia SC Johnson & Sons171 Peter KelloggPeter Kellogg$2.3 B 69 Short Hills, New Jersey investments171 A. Jerrold PerenchioA. Jerrold Perenchio$2.3 B 80 Bel Air, California television171 Richard RainwaterRichard Rainwater$2.3 B 67 Fort Worth, Texas real estate, energy, insurance171 Ronda StrykerRonda Stryker$2.3 B 57 Portage, Michigan medical technology188 Peter BuckPeter Buck$2.2 B 80 Danbury, Connecticut Subway Restaurants188 Jack DangermondJack Dangermond$2.2 B 66 Redlands, California mapping software188 Fred DeLucaFred DeLuca$2.2 B 63 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Subway Restaurants188 Philip FalconePhilip Falcone$2.2 B 49 New York, New York hedge funds188 Bill GrossBill Gross$2.2 B 67 Laguna Beach, California investments188 William Randolph HearstWilliam Randolph Hearst$2.2 B 62 San Francisco, California Hearst Corp188 Diane HendricksDiane Hendricks$2.2 B 64 Afton, Wisconsin roofing188 Henry HillmanHenry Hillman$2.2 B 92 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania investments188 Mary Alice Dorrance MaloneMary Alice Dorrance Malone$2.2 B 61 Coatesville, Pennsylvania Campbell Soup188 George MitchellGeorge Mitchell$2.2 B 92 The Woodlands, Texas oil & gas188 William WrigleyWilliam Wrigley$2.2 B 47 Lake Forest, Illinois chewing gum188 Mortimer ZuckermanMortimer Zuckerman$2.2 B 74 New York, New York real estate, media200 Lee BassLee Bass$2.1 B 55 Fort Worth, Texas oil, investmentsRank Name Net Worth Age Residence Source200 Sid BassSid Bass$2.1 B 68 Fort Worth, Texas oil, investments200 Israel EnglanderIsrael Englander$2.1 B 63 New York, New York hedge funds200 Phillip FrostPhillip Frost$2.1 B 74 Miami Beach, Florida pharmaceuticals200 Jeff GreeneJeff Greene$2.1 B 56 Palm Beach, Florida real estate, investments200 George LindemannGeorge Lindemann$2.1 B 75 Palm Beach, Florida investments200 Michael MilkenMichael Milken$2.1 B 65 Los Angeles, California investments200 Sean ParkerSean Parker$2.1 B 31 New York, New York Facebook200 Robert RichRobert Rich$2.1 B 70 Islamorada, Florida frozen foods200 Edward RoskiEdward Roski$2.1 B 72 Los Angeles, California real estate200 Wilbur RossWilbur Ross$2.1 B 73 Palm Beach, Florida investments200 David ShawDavid Shaw$2.1 B 60 New York, New York hedge funds212 Neil BluhmNeil Bluhm$2 B 73 Chicago, Illinois real estate212 John CatsimatidisJohn Catsimatidis$2 B 63 New York, New York oil, real estate, supermarkets212 Edward DeBartoloEdward DeBartolo$2 B 64 Tampa, Florida shopping centers212 Doris FisherDoris Fisher$2 B 80 San Francisco, California Gap212 Gordon GettyGordon Getty$2 B 77 San Francisco, California Getty Oil212 Michael & Marian IlitchMichael & Marian Ilitch$2 B 82 Bingham Farms, Michigan pizza212 Mark PincusMark Pincus$2 B 45 San Francisco, California online gaming212 Stewart and Lynda ResnickStewart and Lynda Resnick$2 B - Beverly Hills, California agriculture, water212 J. Christopher ReyesJ. Christopher Reyes$2 B 57 Lake Forest, Illinois food distribution212 Jude ReyesJude Reyes$2 B 56 Kenilworth, Illinois food distribution212 Eduardo SaverinEduardo Saverin$2 B 29 Singapore, N/A Facebook212 Richard SchulzeRichard Schulze$2 B 70 Edina, Minnesota Best Buy212 Ted TurnerTed Turner$2 B 72 Atlanta, Georgia cable television212 Romesh T. WadhwaniRomesh T. Wadhwani$2 B 64 Palo Alto, California Software212 Kelcy WarrenKelcy Warren$2 B 55 Dallas, Texas Pipelines227 Marc BenioffMarc Benioff$1.9 B 46 San Francisco, California business software227 David BondermanDavid Bonderman$1.9 B 68 Fort Worth, Texas leveraged buyouts227 Phoebe Hearst CookePhoebe Hearst Cooke$1.9 B 84 San Francisco, California Hearst Corp227 James CoulterJames Coulter$1.9 B 51 San Francisco, California leveraged buyouts227 Alec GoresAlec Gores$1.9 B 58 Beverly Hills, California private equity227 Austin HearstAustin Hearst$1.9 B 59 New York, New York Hearst Corp227 David HearstDavid Hearst$1.9 B 66 Los Angeles, California Hearst Corp227 George HearstGeorge Hearst$1.9 B 84 Paso Robles, California Hearst Corp227 Stanley HubbardStanley Hubbard$1.9 B 78 St. Paul, Minnesota DirecTV227 Jeremy JacobsJeremy Jacobs$1.9 B 71 East Aurora, New York sports concessions227 Michael JaharisMichael Jaharis$1.9 B 83 New York, New York pharmaceuticals227 Jerry JonesJerry Jones$1.9 B 68 Dallas, Texas Dallas Cowboys227 Richard PeeryRichard Peery$1.9 B 72 Palo Alto, California real estate227 John PritzkerJohn Pritzker$1.9 B 58 San Francisco, California hotels, investments227 Sheldon SolowSheldon Solow$1.9 B 83 New York, New York real estate242 John ArrillagaJohn Arrillaga$1.8 B 74 Portola Valley, California real estate242 Alfred James ClarkAlfred James Clark$1.8 B 83 Vero Beach, Florida construction242 Leon G. 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Daniel AbrahamS. Daniel Abraham$1.7 B 87 Palm Beach, Florida Slim-Fast263 Ken FisherKen Fisher$1.7 B 60 Woodside, California Money management263 Brad KelleyBrad Kelley$1.7 B 54 Franklin, Tennessee tobacco263 Robert KraftRobert Kraft$1.7 B 70 Brookline, Massachusetts New England Patriots263 Isaac PerlmutterIsaac Perlmutter$1.7 B 68 Palm Beach, Florida Marvel263 Penny PritzkerPenny Pritzker$1.7 B 52 Chicago, Illinois hotels, investments263 Henry SamueliHenry Samueli$1.7 B 57 Newport Beach, California semiconductors263 Frederick SmithFrederick Smith$1.7 B 67 Memphis, Tennessee FedEx263 Albert UeltschiAlbert Ueltschi$1.7 B 94 Vero Beach, Florida FlightSafety263 Elaine WynnElaine Wynn$1.7 B 68 Las Vegas, Nevada Hotels273 Norman BramanNorman Braman$1.6 B 79 Miami, Florida art, car dealerships273 Barry DillerBarry Diller$1.6 B 69 New York, New York IAC/InterActiveCorp273 Glenn DubinGlenn Dubin$1.6 B 54 New York, New York hedge funds273 Gerald J. FordGerald J. Ford$1.6 B 67 Dallas, Texas banking273 Thomas FriedkinThomas Friedkin$1.6 B 76 Houston, Texas Toyota distribution273 Noam GottesmanNoam Gottesman$1.6 B 50 New York, New York hedge funds273 Bruce KarshBruce Karsh$1.6 B 56 Los Angeles, California money management273 Joseph MansuetoJoseph Mansueto$1.6 B 55 Chicago, Illinois investment research273 Howard MarksHoward Marks$1.6 B 65 Los Angeles, California money management273 Craig McCawCraig McCaw$1.6 B 62 Hunts Point, Washington telecom273 Michael MoritzMichael Moritz$1.6 B 57 San Francisco, California venture capital273 Daniel PritzkerDaniel Pritzker$1.6 B 52 Marin County, California hotels, investments273 James PritzkerJames Pritzker$1.6 B 60 Chicago, Illinois hotels, investments273 Jean (Gigi) PritzkerJean (Gigi) Pritzker$1.6 B 49 Chicago, Illinois hotels, investments273 Karen PritzkerKaren Pritzker$1.6 B 53 Branford, Connecticut hotels, investments273 Linda PritzkerLinda Pritzker$1.6 B 57 St. Ignatius, Montana hotels, investments273 Kavitark Ram ShriramKavitark Ram Shriram$1.6 B 54 Menlo Park, California Venture capital, Google273 Herbert SimonHerbert Simon$1.6 B 76 Indianapolis, Indiana real estate273 Clemmie SpanglerClemmie Spangler$1.6 B 79 Charlotte, North Carolina investments273 Anita ZuckerAnita Zucker$1.6 B 59 Charleston, South Carolina chemicals293 Ron BaronRon Baron$1.5 B 68 New York, New York money managment293 Edward BassEdward Bass$1.5 B 66 Fort Worth, Texas oil, investments293 John FisherJohn Fisher$1.5 B 50 San Francisco, California Gap293 Daniel GilbertDaniel Gilbert$1.5 B 49 Franklin, Michigan Quicken Loans293 Michael HeisleyMichael Heisley$1.5 B 74 Jupiter Island, Florida manufacturing293 Reid HoffmanReid Hoffman$1.5 B 44 Palo Alto, California LinkedIn293 Joe JamailJoe Jamail$1.5 B 85 Houston, Texas lawsuits293 Eric LefkofskyEric Lefkofsky$1.5 B 42 Glencoe, Illinois GrouponRank Name Net Worth Age Residence Source293 Stephen MandelStephen Mandel$1.5 B 55 Greenwich, Connecticut hedge funds293 Robert McNairRobert McNair$1.5 B 74 Houston, Texas energy, sports293 Manuel MorounManuel Moroun$1.5 B 84 Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan Transportation293 Jonathan NelsonJonathan Nelson$1.5 B 55 Providence, Rhode Island Leveraged buyouts293 Bob ParsonsBob Parsons$1.5 B 60 Scottsdale, Arizona web hosting293 Michael PriceMichael Price$1.5 B 59 Far Hills, New Jersey investments293 Donald SterlingDonald Sterling$1.5 B 75 Beverly Hills, California Real Estate293 Peter ThielPeter Thiel$1.5 B 43 San Francisco, California Paypal, Facebook309 Joshua HarrisJoshua Harris$1.45 B 46 New York, New York leveraged buyouts309 T. Boone PickensT. Boone Pickens$1.45 B 83 Dallas, Texas oil & gas, investments309 Marc RowanMarc Rowan$1.45 B 49 New York, New York leveraged buyouts312 Herbert AllenHerbert Allen$1.4 B 71 New York, New York investment banking312 Louis BaconLouis Bacon$1.4 B 53 Long Island, New York hedge funds312 Ray DavisRay Davis$1.4 B 69 Dallas, Texas pipelines312 Tom GolisanoTom Golisano$1.4 B 69 Naples, Florida Paychex312 David GottesmanDavid Gottesman$1.4 B 85 Rye, New York investments312 Johnelle HuntJohnelle Hunt$1.4 B 79 Fayetteville, Arkansas trucking312 James IrsayJames Irsay$1.4 B 52 Carmel, Indiana Indianapolis Colts312 Thomas LeeThomas Lee$1.4 B 67 New York, New York leveraged buyouts312 Gary MagnessGary Magness$1.4 B 57 Magness, Colorado cable, investments312 Richard MarriottRichard Marriott$1.4 B 72 Potomac, Maryland hotels312 Billy Joe McCombsBilly Joe McCombs$1.4 B 83 San Antonio, Texas radio, oil, real estate312 Gary MichelsonGary Michelson$1.4 B 62 Los Angeles, California medical patents312 Henry Ross PerotHenry Ross Perot$1.4 B 52 Dallas, Texas computer services, real estate312 Evgeny (Eugene) ShvidlerEvgeny (Eugene) Shvidler$1.4 B 47 London, N/A oil & gas, investments312 Wilma TischWilma Tisch$1.4 B 84 New York, New York diversified312 Dan WilksDan Wilks$1.4 B 55 Cisco, Texas natural gas312 Farris WilksFarris Wilks$1.4 B 59 Cisco, Texas natural gas329 Bharat DesaiBharat Desai$1.35 B 58 Fisher Island, Florida outsourcing329 Christopher GoldsburyChristopher Goldsbury$1.35 B 68 San Antonio, Texas salsa331 Stephen BisciottiStephen Bisciotti$1.3 B 51 Millersville, Maryland outsourcing, football331 Arthur BlankArthur Blank$1.3 B 68 Atlanta, Georgia Home Depot331 Charles BrandesCharles Brandes$1.3 B 68 San Diego, California money management331 Austen CargillAusten Cargill$1.3 B 60 Livingston, Montana Cargill Inc.331 James CargillJames Cargill$1.3 B 62 Birchwood, Wisconsin Cargill Inc.331 Steve CaseSteve Case$1.3 B 53 McLean, Virginia AOL331 Leon CharneyLeon Charney$1.3 B 70 New York, New York Real estate331 Richard Chilton JrRichard Chilton Jr$1.3 B 53 Darien, Connecticut hedge funds331 Scott CookScott Cook$1.3 B 59 Woodside, California Intuit331 Joseph CraftJoseph Craft$1.3 B 60 Tulsa, Oklahoma coal331 David DuffieldDavid Duffield$1.3 B 71 Blackhawk, California PeopleSoft331 Vinod KhoslaVinod Khosla$1.3 B 56 Portola Valley, California venture capital331 Kenneth LangoneKenneth Langone$1.3 B 76 Sands Point, New York investments331 Marc LasryMarc Lasry$1.3 B 50 New York, New York hedge funds331 Marianne LiebmannMarianne Liebmann$1.3 B 58 Bozeman, Montana Cargill, Inc.331 Bill MarriottBill Marriott$1.3 B 79 Potomac, Maryland hotels331 Henry NicholasHenry Nicholas$1.3 B 51 Newport Coast, California semiconductors331 Stewart RahrStewart Rahr$1.3 B 65 New York, New York drug distribution331 Richard ScaifeRichard Scaife$1.3 B 79 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania investments331 Howard SchultzHoward Schultz$1.3 B 58 Seattle, Washington Starbucks331 Thomas SteyerThomas Steyer$1.3 B 54 San Francisco, California hedge funds331 Robert StillerRobert Stiller$1.3 B 68 Palm Beach, Florida coffee331 Pat StrykerPat Stryker$1.3 B 55 Fort Collins, Colorado medical technology331 Meg WhitmanMeg Whitman$1.3 B 55 Atherton, California Ebay355 Edmund AnsinEdmund Ansin$1.25 B 75 Miami Beach, Florida television355 Frank FertittaFrank Fertitta$1.25 B 49 Las Vegas, Nevada casinos, Ultimate Fighting Championship355 Alan GerryAlan Gerry$1.25 B 81 Liberty, New York cable television355 Henry SwiecaHenry Swieca$1.25 B 54 New York, New York hedge funds359 Alan CasdenAlan Casden$1.2 B 65 Beverly Hills, California real estate359 William ConnorWilliam Connor$1.2 B 61 Hong Kong, N/A logistics359 James DinanJames Dinan$1.2 B 52 New York, New York hedge funds359 Lorenzo FertittaLorenzo Fertitta$1.2 B 42 Las Vegas, Nevada casinos, Ultimate Fighting Championship359 Sidney KimmelSidney Kimmel$1.2 B 83 New York, New York retail359 William MacaulayWilliam Macaulay$1.2 B 66 Greenwich, Connecticut energy investments359 Aubrey McClendonAubrey McClendon$1.2 B 52 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma natural gas359 C. Dean MetropoulosC. Dean Metropoulos$1.2 B 65 Greenwich, Connecticut investments359 Nelson PeltzNelson Peltz$1.2 B 69 Bedford, New York investments359 Nicholas PritzkerNicholas Pritzker$1.2 B 67 Chicago, Illinois hotels, investments359 Kenny TrouttKenny Troutt$1.2 B 63 Dallas, Texas Excel Communications359 Todd WagnerTodd Wagner$1.2 B 51 Dallas, Texas online media359 Charlotte Colket WeberCharlotte Colket Weber$1.2 B 68 Ocala, Florida Campbell Soup372 Irwin JacobsIrwin Jacobs$1.15 B 77 La Jolla, California Qualcomm372 Alexander RovtAlexander Rovt$1.15 B 59 New York, New York fertilizer372 Peter SperlingPeter Sperling$1.15 B 51 Phoenix, Arizona education375 Kenneth AdamsKenneth Adams$1.1 B 88 Houston, Texas Oil375 Thomas BarrackThomas Barrack$1.1 B 64 Los Angeles, California Colony Capital375 Tom BensonTom Benson$1.1 B 84 New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans Saints375 Jim BreyerJim Breyer$1.1 B 50 Woodside, California Venture Capital375 Gary BurrellGary Burrell$1.1 B 74 Spring Hill, Kansas navigation equipment375 S. Truett CathyS. Truett Cathy$1.1 B 90 Hampton, Georgia Chick-fil-A375 David FiloDavid Filo$1.1 B 45 Palo Alto, California Yahoo375 William FordWilliam Ford$1.1 B 86 Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan Ford Motor Co375 John HenryJohn Henry$1.1 B 62 Boca Raton, Florida sports375 George JosephGeorge Joseph$1.1 B 90 Los Angeles, California insurance375 Jim JusticeJim Justice$1.1 B 60 Lewisburg, West Virginia coal375 Alexander KnasterAlexander Knaster$1.1 B 52 London, N/A oil, telecom, banking375 Michael KrasnyMichael Krasny$1.1 B 58 Highland Park, Illinois retail375 James LeiningerJames Leininger$1.1 B 66 San Antonio, Texas medical devices375 Jeffrey LurieJeffrey Lurie$1.1 B 60 Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Philadelphia Eagles375 William MoncriefWilliam Moncrief$1.1 B 91 Fort Worth, Texas oil375 Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan$1.1 B 74 Winnetka, Illinois insurance375 Bernard SaulBernard Saul$1.1 B 79 Chevy Chase, Maryland banking, real estate375 Alexander SpanosAlexander Spanos$1.1 B 87 Stockton, California real estate375 Mark StevensMark Stevens$1.1 B 51 Atherton, California venture capital375 Jon StrykerJon Stryker$1.1 B 53 Kalamazoo, Michigan medical technology375 Jerry YangJerry Yang$1.1 B 42 Los Altos Hills, California Yahoo397 Darwin DeasonDarwin Deason$1.05 B 71 Dallas, Texas Xerox397 Peter LewisPeter Lewis$1.05 B 77 Coconut Grove, Florida Progressive Corp397 Steven RothSteven Roth$1.05 B 69 New York, New York real estate397 Dan SnyderDan Snyder$1.05 B 46 Potomac, Maryland Washington RedskinsSOURCE 2011 BILLIONAIRE LIST according to wealth SOURCE : FORBES MAGAZINE Name Net Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship1 Carlos Slim HeluCarlos Slim Helu & family$74 B 71 telecom MexicoCarlos Slim Helu ($74 bil)Telefonos de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.Consejo de Administraciónc/o Carlos Slim Helu, Presidente Honorario VitalicioParque Via 198Oficina 701Colonia Cuauhtemoc06599 Mexico, D.F.Mexico--Phone: +52-55-5703-3990Fax: +52-55-5545-5550E-Mail: ri@telmex.com2 Bill GatesBill Gates$56 B 56 Microsoft United StatesWilliam Gates III ($56 bil) (born 28 October 1955 in Seattle)Microsoft CorporationBoard of Directorsc/o William Gates, ChairmanOne Microsoft WayRedmond,Washington StateWA 98052-6399United States of AmericaAlternate Residence Address :1.Medina ,Washington Lake Area East,Washington State ,WA 98052-6399United States of AmericaAlternate Residence :2. Seattle (Space Needle City) ,Washington Lake Area West ,Washington State ,WA 98052-6399United States of America--Phone: +1-425-882-8080Fax: +1-425-936-7329E-Mail (direct): billg@microsoft.comE-Mail: askboard@microsoft.com3 Warren Buffett (born 30 August 1930 in Omaha)Warren Buffett$50 B 81 Berkshire Hathaway United StatesWarren Buffett ($50.0 bil)Berkshire Hathaway Inc.c/o Warren Buffett, Chairman1440 Kiewit PlazaOmaha,Nebraska StateNE 68131United States of America--Phone: +1-402-346-1400Fax: +1-402-346-3375E-Mail: berkshire@berkshirehathaway.comAlternate Residence Address:Omaha ,Nebraska StateNE 68131United States of America4 Bernard Arnault (born 5 March 1949 in Roubaix)Bernard Arnault$41 B 62 LVMH FranceBernard Arnault ($41.0 bil)LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SAc/o Bernard Arnault, président22 avenue Montaigne75008Paris ,FranceAlternate Business Address :30 ave Hoche ,75008Paris ,FranceAlternate Residence Address:11 rue Francious 1 er ,75008Paris ,France--Phone: +33-1-44-13-22-22Fax: +33-1-44-13-21-195 Larry Ellison (born 1944)Larry Ellison$39.5 B 67 Oracle United StatesLawrence J. ("Larry") Ellison ($39.5 bil)Oracle Corporationc/o Lawrence Ellison, CEO500 Oracle ParkwayRedwood Shores,California StateCA 94065United States of AmericaAlternate Residence Address :Redwood City ,California State ,CA 94065United States of America--Phone: +1-650-506-7000Fax: +1-650-506-72006 Lakshmi MittalLakshmi Mittal$31.1 B 61 Steel IndiaLakshmi Mittal ($31.1 bil)Mittal Steel Company Ltd.c/o Lakshmi N. Mittal, Chairman7th FloorBerkeley Square HouseBerkeley SquareLondon W1J 6DAEngland--Phone: +44-20-7629-7988Fax: +44-20-7629-79937 Amancio OrtegaAmancio Ortega$31 B 75 Zara SpainAmancio Ortega ($31 bil)Industria de Diseño Textil, S.A.c/o Amancio Ortega Gaona, ChairmanEdificio InditexAvenida de la Diputación15142 Arteixo, La CoruñaSpain--Phone: +34-981-18-54-00Fax: +34-981-18-55-44E-Mail: comunicacion@inditex.com8 Eike BatistaEike Batista$30 B 55 mining, oil Brazil9 Mukesh AmbaniMukesh Ambani$27 B 54 petrochemicals, oil & gas IndiaBusiness Address :Usha Kiran ,22 Carmichael Road ,Bombay ,400026 ,India10 Christy WaltonChristy Walton & family$26.5 B 56 Walmart United StatesResidence Address :Jackson, WY, United States11 Li Ka-shingLi Ka-shing$26 B 83 Diversified Hong KongLi Ka-shing ($26 bil) (born 1928)Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd.c/o Li Ka-shing, ChairmanHutchison House, 21/F10 Harcourt Rd.Hong KongHong Kong Special Administrative RegionPeople's Republic of ChinaAlternate Address :Li Ka-shing ($26 bil)Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd.c/o Li Ka-shing, ChairmanHutchison House, 22/F10 Harcourt Rd.Hong KongHong Kong Special Administrative RegionPeople's Republic of China--Phone: (852) 2521 2281Fax: (852) 2810 0772Alternate Telephone numbers :Tel :2523-0161Fax : 2810-0705E-Mail: info@hutchison-whampoa.com12 Karl AlbrechtKarl Albrecht$25.5 B 91 Aldi GermanyKarl Albrecht ($18.5 bil) Germany Germany , Mülheim an der RuhrAldi (Süd) GmbH & Co. oHGz.Hd. Karl Albrecht, EigentümerBurgstraße 37-3945476 Mülheim an der RuhrGermany--Phone: +49-208-9927-0Fax: +49-208-9927-249E-Mail: mail@aldisued.de13 Stefan PerssonStefan Persson$24.5 B 64 H&M Sweden14 Vladimir LisinVladimir Lisin$24 B 55 Steel Russia15 Liliane BettencourtLiliane Bettencourt$23.5 B 89 L'Oreal FranceLiliane Bettencourt ($23.5 bil)Fondation Bettencourt Schuellerc/o Liliane Bettencourt, présidente16 Place Vendôme75001 ParisFrance16 Sheldon AdelsonSheldon Adelson$23.3 B 78 casinos United StatesSheldon Adelson ($23.3 bil)Las Vegas Sands Corp.c/o Sheldon G. Adelson, Chairman3355 Las Vegas Blvd. SouthLas Vegas, NV 89109USAAlternate Residence Address :Las VegasNevada StateNV 89109United States of America--Phone: +1-702-414-1000Fax: +1-702-414-488417 David ThomsonDavid Thomson & family$23 B 54 media CanadaDavid Thomson & family ($23 billion)The Thomson Corporationc/o David K. R. Thomson, ChairmanToronto-Dominion Bank Tower, 66 Wellington Street WestToronto, Ontario M5K 1A1Canada--Phone: +1-416-360-8700Fax: +1-416-360-8812E-Mail: Charles KochCharles Koch$22 B 76 Diversified United StatesResidence Address :Wichita, KS , United States of America18 David KochDavid Koch$22 B 71 Diversified United StatesResidence Address :New York, NY ,United States of America20 Jim WaltonJim Walton$21.3 B 63 Walmart United StatesJim Walton ($21.3 bil)Arvest Holdings Inc.c/o Jim C. Walton, Chairman125 W. Central, Ste. 218Bentonville, AR 72712USA--Phone: +1-479-464-1500Alternate Residence Address :Bentonville ,AR ,AR 72712United States of America21 Alice WaltonAlice Walton$21.2 B 62 Walmart United StatesAlice Walton ($21.2 bil)Rocking W Ranch Inc.c/o Alice Walton, Owner10587 Hwy 281 SouthMineral Wells, TX 76067USA--Phone: +1-940-325-9440E-Mail: horses@waltonsrockingwranch.com22 S. Robson WaltonS. Robson Walton$21 B 67 Walmart United StatesS. Robson Walton ($21 bil)Wal-Mart Stores Inc.c/o S. Robson Walton, Chairman702 SW 8th St.Bentonville, AR 72716USA--Phone: +1-479-273-4000Fax: +1-479-273-4053E-Mail: irinqu@walmart.com23 Thomas & Raymond KwokThomas & Raymond Kwok & family$20 B N/A real estate Hong Kong24 Larry PageLarry Page$19.8 B 38 Google United StatesResidence Address :San Francisco, CA , United States of America24 Sergey BrinSergey Brin$19.8 B 38 Google United StatesResidence Address :Palo Alto, CA , United States of America26 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal AlsaudPrince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud$19.6 B 56 Investments Saudi ArabiaPrince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud ($19.6 bil)Kingdom Holding Companyc/o HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, ChairmanSaudi Arabia Kingdom TowerRiyadh, 11321Saudi Arabia--Phone: +966-1-488-1111 / +966-1-211-1111Fax: +966-1-481-1954/ +966-1-211-1112E-Mail: info@kingdom.net27 Iris FontbonaIris Fontbona & family$19.2 B N/A Mining Chile28 Lee Shau KeeLee Shau Kee$19 B 83 real estate Hong Kong29 Alexei MordashovAlexei Mordashov$18.5 B 46 Steel Russia30 Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg$18.1 B 69 Bloomberg United StatesBusiness Address :Bloomberg LP ,499 Park Avenue ,FL. 15 ,New York ,NY 10022United States of AmericaAlternate Residence Address :New York ,NY 10022United States of America30 Jeff Bezos (born 1963)Jeff Bezos$18.1 B 47 Amazon United StatesBusiness Address ,1516 2nd Avenue ,Seattle ,Washington State ,WA 98101 ,United States of America32 Michele FerreroMichele Ferrero & family$18 B 84 chocolates Italy32 Mikhail ProkhorovMikhail Prokhorov$18 B 46 Investments Russia34 Vladimir PotaninVladimir Potanin$17.8 B 50 nonferrous metals Russia35 Alisher UsmanovAlisher Usmanov$17.7 B 58 steel, telecom, stocks Russia36 Azim PremjiAzim Premji$16.8 B 66 Software India36 Oleg DeripaskaOleg Deripaska$16.8 B 43 aluminum Russia38 Michael OttoMichael Otto & family$16.6 B 68 Retail Germany39 German Larrea Mota VelascoGerman Larrea Mota Velasco & family$16 B 58 Mining Mexico39 Rinat AkhmetovRinat Akhmetov$16 B 45 steel, coal mines Ukraine39 John PaulsonJohn Paulson$16 B 55 hedge funds United States42 Shashi & Ravi RuiaShashi & Ravi Ruia$15.8 B 67 Diversified India43 Mikhail FridmanMikhail Fridman$15.1 B 47 oil, banking, telecom Russia44 Michael DellMichael Dell$14.6 B 46 Dell United States44 Susanne KlattenSusanne Klatten$14.6 B 49 BMW, pharmaceuticals Germany46 Steve BallmerSteve Ballmer$14.5 B 55 Microsoft United States46 George SorosGeorge Soros$14.5 B 81 hedge funds United States48 Berthold & Theo Jr. AlbrechtBerthold & Theo Jr. Albrecht & family$14.4 B N/A Aldi, Trader Joes Germany49 Birgit RausingBirgit Rausing & family$14 B 87 packaging Sweden50 Vagit AlekperovVagit Alekperov$13.9 B 61 Lukoil Russia51 Aliko DangoteAliko Dangote$13.8 B 54 sugar, flour, cement Nigeria52 Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg$13.5 B 27 Facebook United States53 Anne Cox ChambersAnne Cox Chambers$13.4 B 91 Cox Enterprises United States53 Roman AbramovichRoman Abramovich$13.4 B 45 steel, investments Russia55 Jorge Paulo LemannJorge Paulo Lemann$13.3 B 72 beer Brazil56 Savitri JindalSavitri Jindal & family$13.2 B 61 Steel India57 Gerald Cavendish GrosvenorGerald Cavendish Grosvenor & family$13 B 59 real estate United Kingdom57 Paul AllenPaul Allen$13 B 58 Microsoft, investments United States57 Viktor VekselbergViktor Vekselberg$13 B 54 oil, metals Russia60 Phil KnightPhil Knight$12.7 B 73 Nike United States61 Robert KuokRobert Kuok$12.5 B 88 Diversified Malaysia61 Carl IcahnCarl Icahn$12.5 B 75 leveraged buyouts United States63 Mohammed Al AmoudiMohammed Al Amoudi$12.3 B 66 oil Saudi Arabia64 Donald BrenDonald Bren$12 B 79 real estate United States64 Ronald PerelmanRonald Perelman$12 B 68 leveraged buyouts United States66 Alberto Bailleres GonzalezAlberto Bailleres Gonzalez & family$11.9 B 80 Mining Mexico67 Francois PinaultFrancois Pinault & family$11.5 B 75 Retail France68 Joseph SafraJoseph Safra$11.4 B 72 banking Brazil69 Abigail JohnsonAbigail Johnson$11.3 B 49 Fidelity United States70 Viktor RashnikovViktor Rashnikov$11.2 B 63 Steel Russia71 Leonardo Del VecchioLeonardo Del Vecchio$11 B 76 eyewear Italy72 John FredriksenJohn Fredriksen$10.7 B 66 shipping Cyprus72 Stefan QuandtStefan Quandt$10.7 B 45 BMW Germany74 James SimonsJames Simons$10.6 B 73 hedge funds United States75 Luis Carlos SarmientoLuis Carlos Sarmiento$10.5 B 78 banking Colombia75 Horst PaulmannHorst Paulmann & family$10.5 B 76 Retail Chile77 Eliodoro, Bernardo & Patricia MatteEliodoro, Bernardo & Patricia Matte$10.4 B N/A paper Chile77 Nasser Al-KharafiNasser Al-Kharafi & family$10.4 B 68 construction Kuwait79 Sammy OferSammy Ofer & family$10.3 B 89 shipping Israel80 Len BlavatnikLen Blavatnik$10.1 B 54 Access Industries United States81 Hans RausingHans Rausing$10 B 85 packaging Sweden81 Ernesto BertarelliErnesto Bertarelli & family$10 B 46 biotech Switzerland81 John MarsJohn Mars$10 B 75 candy, pet food United States81 Jacqueline MarsJacqueline Mars$10 B 72 candy, pet food United States81 Forrest MarsForrest Mars$10 B 80 candy, pet food United States81 Klaus-Michael KuhneKlaus-Michael Kuhne$10 B 74 shipping Germany81 Gautam AdaniGautam Adani$10 B 49 commodities, infrastructure India88 Iskander MakhmudovIskander Makhmudov$9.9 B 47 mining, metals, machinery Russia89 Johanna QuandtJohanna Quandt$9.8 B 85 BMW Germany89 George KaiserGeorge Kaiser$9.8 B 69 oil & gas, banking United States89 Maria-Elisabeth & Georg SchaefflerMaria-Elisabeth & Georg Schaeffler$9.8 B N/A ball bearings Germany92 German KhanGerman Khan$9.6 B 50 oil, banking, telecom Russia93 Ananda KrishnanAnanda Krishnan$9.5 B 73 telecom Malaysia93 Dmitry RybolovlevDmitry Rybolovlev$9.5 B 44 fertilizer Russia95 Robin LiRobin Li$9.4 B 42 Internet China96 Serge DassaultSerge Dassault & family$9.3 B 86 aviation France97 Kumar BirlaKumar Birla$9.2 B 44 commodities India97 Petr KellnerPetr Kellner$9.2 B 47 insurance Czech Republic99 Leonid MikhelsonLeonid Mikhelson$9.1 B 56 Natural gas Russia100 Cheng Yu-tungCheng Yu-tung$9 B 86 real estate Hong KongRank Name Net Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship100 Georgina RinehartGeorgina Rinehart$9 B 57 Mining Australia102 Igor ZyuzinIgor Zyuzin$8.9 B 51 Steel Russia103 Pallonji MistryPallonji Mistry$8.8 B 82 construction Ireland103 Anil AmbaniAnil Ambani$8.8 B 52 Diversified India105 Lee Kun-HeeLee Kun-Hee$8.6 B 69 Samsung South Korea105 Andrey MelnichenkoAndrey Melnichenko$8.6 B 39 coal, fertilizers Russia105 Harold HammHarold Hamm$8.6 B 65 Continental Resources United States108 Julio Mario Santo DomingoJulio Mario Santo Domingo$8.4 B 88 beer, diversified Colombia108 August von FinckAugust von Finck$8.4 B 81 Investments Germany110 Steve JobsSteve Jobs$8.3 B 56 Apple, Pixar United States110 Sunil MittalSunil Mittal & family$8.3 B 54 telecom India112 Ricardo Salinas PliegoRicardo Salinas Pliego & family$8.2 B 56 retail, media, financing Mexico113 Masayoshi SonMasayoshi Son$8.1 B 54 Softbank Japan114 Liang WengenLiang Wengen$8 B 54 Manufacturing China114 Steve CohenSteve Cohen$8 B 55 hedge funds United States114 David & Simon ReubenDavid & Simon Reuben$8 B 68 investments, real estate United Kingdom117 Sergei PopovSergei Popov$7.9 B 40 banking, coal Russia118 Silvio BerlusconiSilvio Berlusconi & family$7.8 B 75 media Italy118 Suleiman KerimovSuleiman Kerimov$7.8 B 45 Investments Russia120 Sulaiman Al RajhiSulaiman Al Rajhi$7.7 B 91 banking Saudi Arabia120 Vladimir YevtushenkovVladimir Yevtushenkov$7.7 B 63 telecom Russia122 Tadashi YanaiTadashi Yanai & family$7.6 B 62 Retail Japan122 Rupert MurdochRupert Murdoch$7.6 B 80 News Corp United States124 Philip AnschutzPhilip Anschutz$7.5 B 71 Investments United States124 Charlene de Carvalho-HeinekenCharlene de Carvalho-Heineken$7.5 B 57 Heineken Netherlands124 Alexander AbramovAlexander Abramov$7.5 B 52 steel, mining Russia124 Alexei KuzmichevAlexei Kuzmichev$7.5 B 49 oil, banking, telecom Russia128 Jack TaylorJack Taylor & family$7.4 B 89 Enterprise Rent-A-Car United States128 Richard KinderRichard Kinder$7.4 B 67 pipelines United States130 Adi GodrejAdi Godrej & family$7.3 B 69 Diversified India130 Kushal Pal SinghKushal Pal Singh$7.3 B 80 real estate India132 Philip & Cristina GreenPhilip & Cristina Green$7.2 B 59 Retail United Kingdom133 Galen WestonGalen Weston & family$7.1 B 71 Retail Canada133 Edward JohnsonEdward Johnson$7.1 B 81 Fidelity United States133 Leonid FedunLeonid Fedun$7.1 B 55 Lukoil Russia136 Nicky OppenheimerNicky Oppenheimer & family$7 B 66 De Beers South Africa136 Charles ErgenCharles Ergen$7 B 58 EchoStar United States136 Giorgio ArmaniGiorgio Armani$7 B 77 fashion Italy136 Eric SchmidtEric Schmidt$7 B 56 Google United States136 Mohamed Bin Issa Al JaberMohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber$7 B 52 real estate, hotels Saudi Arabia141 Hasso PlattnerHasso Plattner$6.9 B 67 SAP Germany141 James GoodnightJames Goodnight$6.9 B 68 SAS Institute United States143 Akira MoriAkira Mori & family$6.8 B 75 real estate Japan143 Cher Wang & Wenchi ChenCher Wang & Wenchi Chen$6.8 B 53 electronics Taiwan145 Pierre OmidyarPierre Omidyar$6.7 B 44 Ebay United States145 Andrew ForrestAndrew Forrest$6.7 B 49 Mining Australia145 Jim KennedyJim Kennedy$6.7 B 63 Cox Enterprises United States145 Blair Parry-OkedenBlair Parry-Okeden$6.7 B 60 Cox Enterprises United States149 Curt EngelhornCurt Engelhorn$6.6 B 85 drugs Germany149 Samuel NewhouseSamuel Newhouse$6.6 B 83 publishing United States149 Andrew BealAndrew Beal$6.6 B 58 bank, real estate United States152 Dhanin ChearavanontDhanin Chearavanont & family$6.5 B 72 Diversified Thailand152 Antonia JohnsonAntonia Johnson$6.5 B 68 Diversified Sweden154 Anil AgarwalAnil Agarwal$6.4 B 58 mining, metals India154 Hansjorg WyssHansjorg Wyss$6.4 B 76 medical devices Switzerland156 Tsai Wan-tsaiTsai Wan-tsai & family$6.3 B 82 finance Taiwan156 Joseph LauJoseph Lau$6.3 B 60 real estate Hong Kong158 Marcel Herrmann TellesMarcel Herrmann Telles$6.2 B 61 beer Brazil159 Michael KadoorieMichael Kadoorie & family$6.1 B 70 Diversified Hong Kong159 Isak AndicIsak Andic & family$6.1 B 56 Mango Spain159 Dilip ShanghviDilip Shanghvi$6.1 B 56 pharmaceuticals India162 Alain & Gerard WertheimerAlain & Gerard Wertheimer$6 B N/A Chanel France162 Ingvar KampradIngvar Kamprad & family$6 B 85 Ikea Sweden162 Leonard LauderLeonard Lauder$6 B 78 Estee Lauder United States162 Jean-Claude DecauxJean-Claude Decaux & family$6 B 73 advertising France162 Chung Mong-KooChung Mong-Koo$6 B 73 Hyundai South Korea162 Ray DalioRay Dalio$6 B 62 hedge funds United States162 Beny SteinmetzBeny Steinmetz$6 B 55 mining, diamonds, real estate Israel169 Zong QinghouZong Qinghou$5.9 B 66 Beverages China169 Kunio BusujimaKunio Busujima & family$5.9 B 86 gaming Japan169 Micky ArisonMicky Arison$5.9 B 62 Carnival Cruises United States169 Stephen SchwarzmanStephen Schwarzman$5.9 B 64 Investments United States173 Jim PattisonJim Pattison$5.8 B 83 Diversified Canada173 Henry SyHenry Sy & family$5.8 B 87 Retail Philippines173 Ralph LaurenRalph Lauren$5.8 B 72 fashion and retail United States173 Eli BroadEli Broad$5.8 B 78 Investments United States173 Donald NewhouseDonald Newhouse$5.8 B 81 publishing United States173 Dorothea SteinbruchDorothea Steinbruch & family$5.8 B N/A Steel Brazil179 Terry GouTerry Gou$5.7 B 61 electronics Taiwan179 Harold SimmonsHarold Simmons$5.7 B 80 Investments United States179 Li LiLi Li & family$5.7 B 47 pharmaceuticals China182 Hiroshi MikitaniHiroshi Mikitani$5.6 B 46 online retailing Japan182 Shiv NadarShiv Nadar$5.6 B 66 Information technology India182 Nassef SawirisNassef Sawiris$5.6 B 50 construction Egypt185 He XiangjianHe Xiangjian$5.5 B 69 Appliances China185 Wu YajunWu Yajun & family$5.5 B 47 real estate China185 Carlos Alberto SicupiraCarlos Alberto Sicupira$5.5 B 63 beer Brazil185 Boris IvanishviliBoris Ivanishvili$5.5 B 55 Investments Russia185 Graeme HartGraeme Hart$5.5 B 56 Investments New Zealand185 Sergei GalitskySergei Galitsky$5.5 B 44 Retail Russia185 Gennady TimchenkoGennady Timchenko$5.5 B 59 oil trading Russia192 Zhang ZhirongZhang Zhirong$5.4 B 42 Shipbuilding Hong Kong193 Antonio Ermirio de MoraesAntonio Ermirio de Moraes & family$5.3 B 83 Diversified Brazil193 Charles ButtCharles Butt & family$5.3 B 73 supermarkets United States193 Nikolai TsvetkovNikolai Tsvetkov$5.3 B 51 banking, retail Russia196 Tsai Eng-MengTsai Eng-Meng$5.2 B 54 food Taiwan196 John MenardJohn Menard$5.2 B 71 Retail United States196 Ira RennertIra Rennert$5.2 B 77 Investments United States196 Patrick Soon-ShiongPatrick Soon-Shiong$5.2 B 59 generic drugs United States200 Hui Ka YanHui Ka Yan$5.1 B 53 real estate ChinaRank Name Net Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship200 Karl-Heinz KippKarl-Heinz Kipp$5.1 B 87 Retail Germany200 Shari ArisonShari Arison$5.1 B 54 Carnival Cruises Israel200 Peter WooPeter Woo & family$5.1 B 65 real estate Hong Kong200 Charles JohnsonCharles Johnson$5.1 B 78 Franklin Resources United States200 David GeffenDavid Geffen$5.1 B 68 movies, music United States200 Americo AmorimAmerico Amorim$5.1 B 77 cork, investments Portugal200 Carlos and Alejandro BulgheroniCarlos and Alejandro Bulgheroni$5.1 B N/A Bridas Argentina208 Zhang JindongZhang Jindong$5 B 48 Retail China208 Ma HuatengMa Huateng$5 B 40 Internet China208 R. Budi HartonoR. Budi Hartono$5 B 70 tobacco, banking Indonesia208 Sam ZellSam Zell$5 B 70 real estate, private equity United States208 Dietrich MateschitzDietrich Mateschitz$5 B 67 Red Bull Austria208 Chaleo YoovidhyaChaleo Yoovidhya$5 B 79 Red Bull Thailand208 Lee Shin ChengLee Shin Cheng$5 B 72 palm oil Malaysia208 David TepperDavid Tepper$5 B 54 hedge funds United States208 Michael HartonoMichael Hartono$5 B 72 tobacco, banking Indonesia217 Rupert JohnsonRupert Johnson$4.9 B 70 Franklin Resources United States217 Lester CrownLester Crown & family$4.9 B 86 Investments United States219 Thomas SchmidheinyThomas Schmidheiny$4.8 B 65 cement Switzerland219 Johann RupertJohann Rupert & family$4.8 B 61 luxury goods South Africa219 Quek Leng ChanQuek Leng Chan$4.8 B 70 Diversified Malaysia219 Spiro LatsisSpiro Latsis & family$4.8 B 64 banking, shipping Greece223 Teh Hong PiowTeh Hong Piow$4.7 B 81 banking Malaysia223 Kjeld Kirk KristiansenKjeld Kirk Kristiansen$4.7 B 63 Lego Denmark223 Charles SchwabCharles Schwab$4.7 B 74 discount stock brokerage United States223 Marion MacMillan PictetMarion MacMillan Pictet$4.7 B 79 Cargill Inc. United States223 Whitney MacMillanWhitney MacMillan$4.7 B 82 Cargill Inc. United States223 Cargill MacMillanCargill MacMillan$4.7 B 84 Cargill Inc. United States223 Pauline MacMillan KeinathPauline MacMillan Keinath$4.7 B 77 Cargill Inc. United States223 Frederik G.H. MeijerFrederik G.H. Meijer$4.7 B 91 supermarkets United States223 Vladimir KimVladimir Kim$4.7 B 51 Mining Kazakhstan232 Wang JianlinWang Jianlin$4.6 B 57 real estate China232 Hiroshi YamauchiHiroshi Yamauchi$4.6 B 84 Nintendo Japan232 Heinz-Horst DeichmannHeinz-Horst Deichmann$4.6 B 85 shoes Germany235 Liu YongxingLiu Yongxing$4.5 B 63 agribusiness China235 Otto BeisheimOtto Beisheim$4.5 B 87 Retail Germany235 Erivan HaubErivan Haub & family$4.5 B 79 Retail Germany235 Paul DesmaraisPaul Desmarais$4.5 B 84 finance Canada235 John MaloneJohn Malone$4.5 B 70 cable television United States235 Bruce KovnerBruce Kovner$4.5 B 66 hedge funds United States235 Dennis WashingtonDennis Washington$4.5 B 77 construction, mining United States235 Karl WlaschekKarl Wlaschek$4.5 B 94 Retail Austria235 Pyotr AvenPyotr Aven$4.5 B 56 oil, banking, telecom Russia244 William FungWilliam Fung$4.4 B 63 Apparel Hong Kong244 Frank LowyFrank Lowy & family$4.4 B 81 malls Australia244 James PackerJames Packer$4.4 B 44 media Australia247 Michael & Rainer Schmidt-RuthenbeckMichael & Rainer Schmidt-Ruthenbeck$4.3 B N/A Retail Germany247 Aloysio de Andrade FariaAloysio de Andrade Faria$4.3 B 91 banking Brazil247 Charoen SirivadhanabhakdiCharoen Sirivadhanabhakdi$4.3 B 67 Beverages Thailand247 Ray Lee HuntRay Lee Hunt$4.3 B 68 Oil, real estate United States247 Victor FungVictor Fung & family$4.3 B 65 Retail United States247 Alain MerieuxAlain Merieux & family$4.3 B 73 pharmaceuticals France247 Richard LeFrakRichard LeFrak & family$4.3 B 66 real estate United States254 Gustavo CisnerosGustavo Cisneros & family$4.2 B 66 media Venezuela254 Chee Chen TungChee Chen Tung & family$4.2 B 69 transportation Hong Kong254 Denis O'BrienDenis O'Brien$4.2 B 53 telecom Ireland254 Bernard EcclestoneBernard Ecclestone & family$4.2 B 81 Formula One United Kingdom254 Richard BransonRichard Branson$4.2 B 61 Virgin United Kingdom254 Richard DeVosRichard DeVos$4.2 B 85 Alticor United States254 Robert RowlingRobert Rowling$4.2 B 58 Investments United States254 Charles CadoganCharles Cadogan & family$4.2 B 74 real estate United Kingdom254 Rosalia MeraRosalia Mera$4.2 B 67 Zara Spain254 Roger WangRoger Wang$4.2 B 62 Retail United States254 John Paul DeJoriaJohn Paul DeJoria$4.2 B 67 hair products, tequilaUnited States265 Yang HuiyanYang Huiyan$4.1 B 30 real estate China265 Reinhold WurthReinhold Wurth$4.1 B 76 fasteners Germany265 Malvinder & Shivinder SinghMalvinder & Shivinder Singh$4.1 B 38 healthcare India268 Zhou ChengjianZhou Chengjian$4 B 46 Retail China268 Walter HaefnerWalter Haefner$4 B 101 Software Switzerland268 Jeronimo ArangoJeronimo Arango & family$4 B 85 Retail Mexico268 Wee Cho YawWee Cho Yaw & family$4 B 82 banking Singapore268 Mehmet Emin KaramehmetMehmet Emin Karamehmet$4 B 67 telecom Turkey268 Robert BassRobert Bass$4 B 63 oil, investments United States268 Gordon MooreGordon Moore$4 B 82 Intel United States268 Robert ZiffRobert Ziff$4 B 45 hedge funds United States268 Daniel ZiffDaniel Ziff$4 B 40 hedge funds United States268 Dirk ZiffDirk Ziff$4 B 47 hedge funds United States268 Olav ThonOlav Thon$4 B 88 real estate Norway268 Arnon MilchanArnon Milchan$4 B 66 New Regency Israel268 Stef WertheimerStef Wertheimer & family$4 B 85 tools Israel281 Frits GoldschmedingFrits Goldschmeding$3.9 B 78 temp agency Netherlands281 Henry KravisHenry Kravis$3.9 B 67 leveraged buyouts United States281 Thomas StrungmannThomas Strungmann$3.9 B 61 pharmaceuticals Germany281 Andreas StrungmannAndreas Strungmann$3.9 B 61 pharmaceuticals Germany281 Dieter SchnabelDieter Schnabel$3.9 B 65 chemicals Germany281 Andrei SkochAndrei Skoch$3.9 B 45 metals Russia281 Tang YiuTang Yiu & family$3.9 B 77 Retail Hong Kong288 Takemitsu TakizakiTakemitsu Takizaki$3.8 B 66 sensors Japan288 Chen Din HwaChen Din Hwa$3.8 B 88 real estate Hong Kong288 Sumner RedstoneSumner Redstone$3.8 B 88 Viacom United States288 Stein Erik HagenStein Erik Hagen & family$3.8 B 55 Retail Norway288 Michael HerzMichael Herz$3.8 B 66 coffee Germany288 Wolfgang HerzWolfgang Herz$3.8 B 60 coffee Germany288 Lui Che WooLui Che Woo$3.8 B 81 gaming Hong Kong288 Richard ChandlerRichard Chandler$3.8 B 52 Investments New Zealand288 Elizabeth MohnElizabeth Mohn & family$3.8 B 70 media Germany297 Bruno SchroderBruno Schroder & family$3.7 B 78 banking United Kingdom297 George RobertsGeorge Roberts$3.7 B 68 leveraged buyouts United States297 Friede SpringerFriede Springer$3.7 B 69 publishing Germany297 Patokh ChodievPatokh Chodiev$3.7 B 58 mining, metals BelgiumRank Name Net Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship297 Alijan IbragimovAlijan Ibragimov$3.7 B 57 mining, metals Kazakhstan297 Alexander MachkevichAlexander Machkevich$3.7 B 57 mining, metals Israel297 Xavier NielXavier Niel$3.7 B 44 internet, telecom France304 Martin & Olivier BouyguesMartin & Olivier Bouygues$3.6 B N/A construction, media France304 Thomas FristThomas Frist & family$3.6 B 73 HCA Healthcare United States304 Edward LampertEdward Lampert$3.6 B 49 Investments United States304 Vasily AnisimovVasily Anisimov$3.6 B 60 metals, real estate Russia304 Low Tuck KwongLow Tuck Kwong$3.6 B 63 Coal Indonesia304 Lars LarsenLars Larsen$3.6 B 63 Retail Denmark310 Liu YonghaoLiu Yonghao$3.5 B 60 agribusiness China310 James & Arthur IrvingJames & Arthur Irving$3.5 B N/A oil Canada310 William KochWilliam Koch$3.5 B 71 oil, investments United States310 Leonard SternLeonard Stern$3.5 B 73 real estate United States310 Kirk KerkorianKirk Kerkorian$3.5 B 94 casinos, investments United States310 Mitchell RalesMitchell Rales$3.5 B 55 Danaher Corp United States310 Leon BlackLeon Black$3.5 B 60 private equity United States310 Ray DolbyRay Dolby$3.5 B 78 Dolby Laboratories United States310 Naguib SawirisNaguib Sawiris$3.5 B 57 telecom Egypt310 Kalanithi MaranKalanithi Maran$3.5 B 46 media India310 Filaret GalchevFilaret Galchev$3.5 B 48 construction materials Russia310 Wang Yung-tsaiWang Yung-tsai$3.5 B N/A plastics Taiwan310 Daniel Servitje MontullDaniel Servitje Montull & family$3.5 B 51 bakeries Mexico323 Chen FashuChen Fashu$3.4 B 51 Diversified China323 Abilio dos Santos DinizAbilio dos Santos Diniz$3.4 B 74 Retail Brazil323 Lorenzo MendozaLorenzo Mendoza & family$3.4 B 46 Beverages Venezuela323 Liselott PerssonLiselott Persson$3.4 B 62 H&M Sweden323 Henry Ross Perot SrHenry Ross Perot Sr$3.4 B 81 computer services, real estate United States323 Ann Walton KroenkeAnn Walton Kroenke$3.4 B 62 Walmart United States323 Robert FriedlandRobert Friedland$3.4 B 61 Mining United States323 John SallJohn Sall$3.4 B 63 SAS Institute United States323 Haim SabanHaim Saban$3.4 B 67 television United States323 Emanuele (Lino) SaputoEmanuele (Lino) Saputo$3.4 B 74 dairy Canada323 Harry TriguboffHarry Triguboff$3.4 B 78 real estate Australia323 John GandelJohn Gandel$3.4 B 77 real estate Australia323 Axel OberwellandAxel Oberwelland$3.4 B 44 candy Germany336 Hui Wing MauHui Wing Mau$3.3 B 61 real estate Hong Kong336 Vladimir BogdanovVladimir Bogdanov$3.3 B 60 oil Russia336 Paul Tudor JonesPaul Tudor Jones$3.3 B 57 hedge funds United States336 Charles DolanCharles Dolan & family$3.3 B 85 Cablevision Systems United States336 John SobratoJohn Sobrato & family$3.3 B 72 real estate United States336 Victor PinchukVictor Pinchuk$3.3 B 50 steel pipes Ukraine336 Daniel OchDaniel Och$3.3 B 50 hedge funds United States336 Alexander FrolovAlexander Frolov$3.3 B 47 mining, steel Russia336 John ArnoldJohn Arnold$3.3 B 37 hedge funds United States336 Trevor Rees-JonesTrevor Rees-Jones$3.3 B 60 oil & gas United States336 Patrice MotsepePatrice Motsepe$3.3 B 49 Mining South Africa347 Jeffrey SkollJeffrey Skoll$3.2 B 46 Ebay Canada347 Joe LewisJoe Lewis$3.2 B 74 Investments United Kingdom347 Ron BurkleRon Burkle$3.2 B 59 supermarkets, investments United States347 Steven RalesSteven Rales$3.2 B 60 Danaher Corp United States347 Leslie WexnerLeslie Wexner$3.2 B 74 Limited Brands United States347 George LucasGeorge Lucas$3.2 B 67 Star Wars United States347 Heidi HortenHeidi Horten$3.2 B 70 Retail Austria347 David & Frederick BarclayDavid & Frederick Barclay$3.2 B 77 media, retail United Kingdom347 Uday KotakUday Kotak$3.2 B 52 banking India347 Chung Mong-JoonChung Mong-Joon$3.2 B 60 heavy industry South Korea347 Dmitry PumpyanskyDmitry Pumpyansky$3.2 B 47 steel pipes Russia347 Kuok Khoon HongKuok Khoon Hong$3.2 B 61 palm oil Singapore347 Andrei MolchanovAndrei Molchanov$3.2 B 40 construction materials Russia347 Alfredo Egydio Arruda Villela FilhoAlfredo Egydio Arruda Villela Filho$3.2 B 41 banking Brazil347 Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto VillelaAna Lucia de Mattos Barretto Villela$3.2 B 38 banking Brazil362 Lu GuanqiuLu Guanqiu$3.1 B 66 Diversified China362 Albert FrereAlbert Frere$3.1 B 85 Investments Belgium362 William CookWilliam Cook$3.1 B 80 medical devices United States362 Robert HoldingRobert Holding$3.1 B 84 oil, resorts United States362 Ronald LauderRonald Lauder$3.1 B 67 Estee Lauder United States362 Peter KelloggPeter Kellogg$3.1 B 69 Investments United States362 David AzrieliDavid Azrieli & family$3.1 B 89 shopping malls Canada362 Anton SchleckerAnton Schlecker$3.1 B 67 Retail Germany362 Stephen RossStephen Ross$3.1 B 71 real estate United States362 Aloys WobbenAloys Wobben$3.1 B 59 wind energy Germany362 Randa WilliamsRanda Williams$3.1 B 50 pipelines United States362 Dannine AvaraDannine Avara$3.1 B 47 pipelines United States362 Milane FrantzMilane Frantz$3.1 B 42 pipelines United States362 Scott DuncanScott Duncan$3.1 B 29 pipelines United States376 Li ShuirongLi Shuirong$3 B 55 petrochemicals China376 Barry LamBarry Lam$3 B 62 electronics Taiwan376 Lin Yu-linLin Yu-lin$3 B 75 real estate Taiwan376 Eitaro ItoyamaEitaro Itoyama$3 B 69 golf courses Japan376 David MurdockDavid Murdock$3 B 88 Dole, real estate United States376 Steven SpielbergSteven Spielberg$3 B 64 movies United States376 James JannardJames Jannard$3 B 62 Oakley, Red Digital United States376 Manuel JoveManuel Jove$3 B 70 real estate Spain376 Husnu OzyeginHusnu Ozyegin$3 B 67 finance, retail Turkey376 Antonio Luiz SeabraAntonio Luiz Seabra$3 B 68 Cosmetics Brazil376 Semahat Sevim ArselSemahat Sevim Arsel$3 B 83 Diversified Turkey376 Ted LernerTed Lerner$3 B 86 real estate United States376 Micky JagtianiMicky Jagtiani$3 B 60 Retail India376 Andre EstevesAndre Esteves$3 B 43 banking Brazil376 Bruce HalleBruce Halle$3 B 81 Discount Tire United States376 Terrence PegulaTerrence Pegula$3 B 60 East Resources United States376 David NahmadDavid Nahmad & family$3 B 64 art Monaco393 Zhang XinZhang Xin & family$2.9 B 46 real estate China393 Stephan SchmidheinyStephan Schmidheiny$2.9 B 64 Investments Switzerland393 Sergio MantegazzaSergio Mantegazza$2.9 B 84 travel Switzerland393 Subhash ChandraSubhash Chandra & family$2.9 B 60 media India393 Bernard (Barry) ShermanBernard (Barry) Sherman$2.9 B 69 pharmaceuticals Canada393 Fredrik LundbergFredrik Lundberg$2.9 B 60 real estate, investments Sweden393 Onsi SawirisOnsi Sawiris$2.9 B 81 construction Egypt393 Mustafa Rahmi KocMustafa Rahmi Koc$2.9 B 81 Diversified TurkeyRank Name Net Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship393 Barbara Piasecka JohnsonBarbara Piasecka Johnson$2.9 B 74 Johnson & Johnson United States393 Riley BechtelRiley Bechtel$2.9 B 59 engineering, construction United States393 Stephen BechtelStephen Bechtel$2.9 B 86 engineering, construction United States393 Pierre BellonPierre Bellon & family$2.9 B 81 food services France393 Otto HappelOtto Happel$2.9 B 63 Engineering Germany393 Katsumi TadaKatsumi Tada$2.9 B 66 real estate Japan393 Melker SchorlingMelker Schorling$2.9 B 64 Investments Sweden393 Juan RoigJuan Roig$2.9 B 62 supermarkets Spain409 Chu Lam YiuChu Lam Yiu$2.8 B 41 flavorings Hong Kong409 Guo GuangchangGuo Guangchang$2.8 B 44 Diversified China409 Sit Kwong LamSit Kwong Lam$2.8 B 43 oil transportation China409 Lin Rong SanLin Rong San$2.8 B N/A real estate Taiwan409 Steven Udvar-HazySteven Udvar-Hazy$2.8 B 65 International Lease Finance United States409 Nancy Walton LaurieNancy Walton Laurie$2.8 B 60 Wal-Mart United States409 Joan TischJoan Tisch$2.8 B 85 Loews United States409 Najib MikatiNajib Mikati$2.8 B 55 telecom Lebanon409 Taha MikatiTaha Mikati$2.8 B 62 telecom Lebanon409 Murat UlkerMurat Ulker$2.8 B 51 food manufacturing Turkey409 Richard ElmanRichard Elman & family$2.8 B 71 finance United Kingdom420 Chen JianhuaChen Jianhua$2.7 B 40 chemicals China420 Yeoh Tiong LayYeoh Tiong Lay & family$2.7 B 81 Diversified Malaysia420 Abdul Aziz Al GhurairAbdul Aziz Al Ghurair & family$2.7 B 57 banking United Arab Emirates420 Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey$2.7 B 57 television United States420 George MitchellGeorge Mitchell$2.7 B 92 Mitchell Energy United States420 Donald TrumpDonald Trump$2.7 B 65 television United States420 Patrick McGovernPatrick McGovern$2.7 B 74 IDG United States420 Ferit Faik SahenkFerit Faik Sahenk$2.7 B 47 bank and media Turkey420 James DysonJames Dyson$2.7 B 64 vacuums United Kingdom420 Friedhelm LohFriedhelm Loh$2.7 B 65 Manufacturing Germany420 Martua SitorusMartua Sitorus$2.7 B 51 palm oil Indonesia420 Timothy HeadingtonTimothy Headington$2.7 B 61 oil & gas, investments United States420 Sarik TaraSarik Tara$2.7 B 81 construction Turkey420 Masahiro MikiMasahiro Miki$2.7 B 56 Retail Japan420 Wang ChuanfuWang Chuanfu$2.7 B 45 Manufacturing China420 Johann GrafJohann Graf$2.7 B 64 gaming machines Austria420 Dustin MoskovitzDustin Moskovitz$2.7 B 27 Facebook United States420 Eddie & Sol ZakayEddie & Sol Zakay$2.7 B 60 real estate United Kingdom420 Vadim NovinskyVadim Novinsky$2.7 B 48 Steel Russia420 Andrei KlyamkoAndrei Klyamko$2.7 B 50 Steel Russia440 David SunDavid Sun$2.6 B 60 computer memory United States440 Gustaf DouglasGustaf Douglas$2.6 B 73 security Sweden440 Malcolm GlazerMalcolm Glazer & family$2.6 B 83 sports teams, real estate United States440 John TuJohn Tu$2.6 B 69 computer memory United States440 Stanley KroenkeStanley Kroenke$2.6 B 64 sports, real estate United States440 James LeprinoJames Leprino$2.6 B 73 cheese United States440 Ronda StrykerRonda Stryker$2.6 B 57 Stryker Corp. United States440 Jan KulczykJan Kulczyk$2.6 B 61 telecom, oil, beer Poland440 David GreenDavid Green$2.6 B 70 Hobby Lobby United States440 David RubensteinDavid Rubenstein$2.6 B 62 leveraged buyouts United States440 William DingWilliam Ding$2.6 B 40 Internet China440 Pankaj PatelPankaj Patel$2.6 B 58 pharmaceuticals India440 Indu JainIndu Jain$2.6 B 75 media India440 Yitzhak TshuvaYitzhak Tshuva$2.6 B 63 real estate Israel440 G. M. RaoG. M. Rao$2.6 B 61 infrastructure India440 Fernando Roberto Moreira SallesFernando Roberto Moreira Salles$2.6 B 65 banking Brazil440 Joao Moreira SallesJoao Moreira Salles$2.6 B N/A banking Brazil440 Pedro Moreira SallesPedro Moreira Salles$2.6 B 52 banking Brazil440 Walther Moreira SallesWalther Moreira Salles$2.6 B N/A banking Brazil459 Zhu YicaiZhu Yicai$2.5 B 47 Diversified China459 Sun GuangxinSun Guangxin$2.5 B 48 Diversified China459 Philippe Foriel-DestezetPhilippe Foriel-Destezet$2.5 B 76 temp agency France459 Robert MillerRobert Miller$2.5 B 66 Retail Canada459 Stanley DruckenmillerStanley Druckenmiller$2.5 B 58 hedge funds United States459 Donald SchneiderDonald Schneider$2.5 B 76 trucking United States459 William HiltonWilliam Hilton$2.5 B 84 hotels, casinos United States459 Martha IngramMartha Ingram & family$2.5 B 76 Ingram Industries United States459 Archie Aldis EmmersonArchie Aldis Emmerson$2.5 B 82 timberland, lumber mills United States459 Richard SchulzeRichard Schulze$2.5 B 70 Best Buy United States459 Mark CubanMark Cuban$2.5 B 53 United States459 Syed Mokhtar AlBukharySyed Mokhtar AlBukhary$2.5 B 59 Diversified Malaysia459 Michael YingMichael Ying$2.5 B 61 Apparel Hong Kong459 Guy LaliberteGuy Laliberte$2.5 B 51 Cirque du Soleil Canada459 Han Chang-WooHan Chang-Woo & family$2.5 B 80 gaming Japan459 Clayton RiddellClayton Riddell$2.5 B 74 oil & gas Canada459 Suna KiracSuna Kirac$2.5 B 70 Diversified Turkey459 Filiz SahenkFiliz Sahenk$2.5 B 44 bank and media Turkey459 Abdullah Al RajhiAbdullah Al Rajhi$2.5 B N/A banking Saudi Arabia459 Bahaa HaririBahaa Hariri$2.5 B 45 real estate, investments, logistics Lebanon459 Igor OlenicoffIgor Olenicoff$2.5 B 69 real estate United States459 Ihor KolomoyskyyIhor Kolomoyskyy$2.5 B 48 banking, investments Ukraine459 Henadiy BoholyubovHenadiy Boholyubov$2.5 B 49 banking, investments Ukraine459 Mikhail GutserievMikhail Gutseriev$2.5 B 53 Oil, real estate Russia459 Rubens Ometto Silveira MelloRubens Ometto Silveira Mello$2.5 B 61 sugar, ethanol Brazil459 Warren StephensWarren Stephens$2.5 B 54 Stephens Inc. United States459 Laurence GraffLaurence Graff$2.5 B 73 diamond jewelry United Kingdom459 Philip NiarchosPhilip Niarchos$2.5 B 57 art collection Greece459 Alexander NesisAlexander Nesis$2.5 B 48 metals, banking, fertilizers Russia488 Zhu GongshanZhu Gongshan$2.4 B 53 solar energy China488 Masatoshi ItoMasatoshi Ito$2.4 B 87 Retail Japan488 Gunter HerzGunter Herz$2.4 B 71 coffee Germany488 Zygmunt Solorz-ZakZygmunt Solorz-Zak$2.4 B 55 TV broadcasting Poland488 Luciano BenettonLuciano Benetton$2.4 B 76 Benetton Italy488 John DorranceJohn Dorrance$2.4 B 67 Campbell Soup Ireland488 David RockefellerDavid Rockefeller$2.4 B 96 Standard Oil, banking United States488 John AndersonJohn Anderson$2.4 B 94 Investments United States488 Ty WarnerTy Warner$2.4 B 67 Beanie Babies United States488 Tom GoresTom Gores$2.4 B 47 private equity United States488 Clive CalderClive Calder$2.4 B 64 record label United Kingdom488 Patrick LeePatrick Lee$2.4 B 69 Manufacturing Hong Kong488 Gilberto BenettonGilberto Benetton$2.4 B 70 Benetton ItalyRank Name Net Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship488 Carlo BenettonCarlo Benetton$2.4 B 67 Benetton Italy488 Giuliana BenettonGiuliana Benetton$2.4 B 74 Benetton Italy488 Peter SondakhPeter Sondakh$2.4 B 59 Investments Indonesia488 James CargillJames Cargill$2.4 B 62 Cargill Inc. United States488 Austen CargillAusten Cargill$2.4 B 60 Cargill Inc. United States488 Marianne LiebmannMarianne Liebmann$2.4 B 58 Cargill, Inc. United States488 Kostyantin ZhevagoKostyantin Zhevago$2.4 B 37 banking, mining Ukraine488 Jay Y. LeeJay Y. Lee$2.4 B 43 Samsung South Korea488 Sebastian PineraSebastian Pinera$2.4 B 61 Investments Chile488 Moise SafraMoise Safra$2.4 B 76 banking Brazil488 Kerr NeilsonKerr Neilson$2.4 B 61 Investments Australia512 Huang WeiHuang Wei$2.3 B 52 real estate China512 Lucio TanLucio Tan & family$2.3 B 77 Diversified Philippines512 Wallace McCainWallace McCain$2.3 B 81 food Canada512 Alicia KoplowitzAlicia Koplowitz$2.3 B 57 construction Spain512 Emilio Azcarraga JeanEmilio Azcarraga Jean$2.3 B 43 media Mexico512 Eliseo Alexandre Soares dos SantosEliseo Alexandre Soares dos Santos & family$2.3 B 77 Retail Portugal512 Richard RainwaterRichard Rainwater$2.3 B 67 real estate, energy, insurance United States512 Julian RobertsonJulian Robertson$2.3 B 79 hedge funds United States512 Doris FisherDoris Fisher$2.3 B 80 Gap United States512 Phillip FrostPhillip Frost$2.3 B 75 pharmaceuticals United States512 Mary Alice Dorrance MaloneMary Alice Dorrance Malone$2.3 B 61 Campbell Soup United States512 Alfred TaubmanAlfred Taubman$2.3 B 87 real estate United States512 Steve WynnSteve Wynn$2.3 B 69 casinos, hotels United States512 Daniela HerzDaniela Herz$2.3 B 57 coffee Germany512 Ken GriffinKen Griffin$2.3 B 43 hedge funds United States512 Andreas von BechtolsheimAndreas von Bechtolsheim$2.3 B 55 Google Germany512 Vincent LoVincent Lo$2.3 B 62 real estate Hong Kong512 Thomas BruchThomas Bruch$2.3 B 61 food retailing Germany512 Mario Moretti PolegatoMario Moretti Polegato$2.3 B 59 shoes Italy512 Mohammed Al IssaMohammed Al Issa$2.3 B 86 Investments Saudi Arabia512 Cyrus PoonawallaCyrus Poonawalla$2.3 B 70 biotech India512 Alexander MamutAlexander Mamut$2.3 B 51 Investments Russia512 Mikhail BalakinMikhail Balakin$2.3 B 50 construction Russia512 Heinz Hermann ThieleHeinz Hermann Thiele & family$2.3 B 70 brakes Germany512 Rodney LewisRodney Lewis$2.3 B 57 Natural gas United States512 Alexandra SchorghuberAlexandra Schorghuber$2.3 B 53 real estate Germany512 Andrei GurievAndrei Guriev$2.3 B 51 fertilizers Russia512 Anatoly SkurovAnatoly Skurov$2.3 B 58 Coal Russia540 Luo JyeLuo Jye & family$2.2 B 85 tires Taiwan540 Hans-Werner HectorHans-Werner Hector$2.2 B 71 SAP Germany540 Glen TaylorGlen Taylor$2.2 B 70 printing United States540 A. Jerrold PerenchioA. Jerrold Perenchio$2.2 B 80 Univision United States540 H. Wayne HuizengaH. Wayne Huizenga$2.2 B 73 Investments United States540 John DoerrJohn Doerr$2.2 B 60 venture capital United States540 Minoru MoriMinoru Mori$2.2 B 77 real estate Japan540 Bharat DesaiBharat Desai & family$2.2 B 58 Syntel United States540 N. Murray EdwardsN. Murray Edwards$2.2 B 51 oil & gas Canada540 David ShawDavid Shaw$2.2 B 60 hedge funds United States540 Rajan RahejaRajan Raheja & family$2.2 B 57 Diversified India540 Andrew TanAndrew Tan$2.2 B 59 Diversified Philippines540 Randal KirkRandal Kirk$2.2 B 57 pharmaceuticals United States540 William ConwayWilliam Conway$2.2 B 62 leveraged buyouts United States540 Daniel D'AnielloDaniel D'Aniello$2.2 B 65 leveraged buyouts United States540 Philip FalconePhilip Falcone$2.2 B 49 hedge funds United States540 Jack DangermondJack Dangermond$2.2 B 66 mapping software United States540 Dinu PatriciuDinu Patriciu$2.2 B 61 refineries Romania540 Diane HendricksDiane Hendricks$2.2 B 64 ABC Supply United States540 Nicolas BerggruenNicolas Berggruen$2.2 B 50 Investments United States540 Yoshikazu TanakaYoshikazu Tanaka$2.2 B 34 social networking Japan540 Hawken Xiu LiHawken Xiu Li$2.2 B 48 real estate United Kingdom540 T.Y. TsaiT.Y. Tsai$2.2 B N/A finance Taiwan540 Jin Sook & Do Won ChangJin Sook & Do Won Chang$2.2 B 56 Forever 21 United States564 Li San YimLi San Yim$2.1 B 59 Manufacturing China564 Lu ZhiqiangLu Zhiqiang$2.1 B 59 Diversified China564 Kazuo OkadaKazuo Okada & family$2.1 B 69 gaming Japan564 Kjell Inge RokkeKjell Inge Rokke$2.1 B 53 shipping, seafood Norway564 Michael MilkenMichael Milken$2.1 B 65 Investments United States564 Frederick SmithFrederick Smith$2.1 B 67 FedEx United States564 Jeremy JacobsJeremy Jacobs$2.1 B 71 sports concessions United States564 Henry HillmanHenry Hillman$2.1 B 92 Investments United States564 Amos HostetterAmos Hostetter$2.1 B 74 cable television United States564 Ted TurnerTed Turner$2.1 B 72 cable television United States564 Mortimer ZuckermanMortimer Zuckerman$2.1 B 74 real estate, media United States564 Edward RoskiEdward Roski$2.1 B 72 real estate United States564 Thomas PritzkerThomas Pritzker$2.1 B 61 hotels, investments United States564 William WrigleyWilliam Wrigley$2.1 B 48 chewing gum United States564 Bill GrossBill Gross$2.1 B 67 Bonds United States564 Arne WilhelmsenArne Wilhelmsen & family$2.1 B 81 Royal Caribbean Norway564 Desh Bandhu GuptaDesh Bandhu Gupta$2.1 B 73 pharmaceuticals India564 Alexander LebedevAlexander Lebedev$2.1 B 51 investments, banking Russia564 Elie HornElie Horn$2.1 B 65 real estate Brazil564 Marc BenioffMarc Benioff$2.1 B 47 United States564 Mark CoombsMark Coombs$2.1 B 50 finance United Kingdom564 Francis ChoiFrancis Choi$2.1 B 64 real estate Hong Kong564 Shin Chang-JaeShin Chang-Jae$2.1 B 58 insurance South Korea564 Chung Eui-SunChung Eui-Sun$2.1 B 41 Hyundai South Korea564 Helmut SohmenHelmut Sohmen$2.1 B 71 shipping Austria564 Ali Ibrahim AgaogluAli Ibrahim Agaoglu$2.1 B 57 construction Turkey564 Alexander DzhaparidzeAlexander Dzhaparidze$2.1 B 56 Oil Services Russia564 Bernard BroermannBernard Broermann$2.1 B 67 healthcare Germany564 Sri Prakash LohiaSri Prakash Lohia$2.1 B 59 polyester Indonesia564 Wong Luen HeiWong Luen Hei$2.1 B 49 Diversified China564 Ziyad ManasirZiyad Manasir$2.1 B 45 construction Russia595 Zhang ZhidongZhang Zhidong$2 B 39 Internet China595 Meng QingshanMeng Qingshan & family$2 B 62 chemicals China595 Charles BronfmanCharles Bronfman$2 B 80 liquor Canada595 Klaus TschiraKlaus Tschira$2 B 70 SAP Germany595 Mohamed MansourMohamed Mansour$2 B 63 Diversified Egypt595 N.R. Narayana MurthyN.R. Narayana Murthy & family$2 B 65 Software IndiaRank Name Net Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship595 Kerry StokesKerry Stokes$2 B 71 media, Caterpillar Australia595 Chey Tae-WonChey Tae-Won$2 B 50 Diversified South Korea595 Roberto Gonzalez BarreraRoberto Gonzalez Barrera & family$2 B 80 banking, tortillas Mexico595 Lee BassLee Bass$2 B 55 oil, investments United States595 Walter ScottWalter Scott$2 B 80 construction, telecom United States595 Sid BassSid Bass$2 B 68 oil, investments United States595 Bennett DorranceBennett Dorrance$2 B 65 Campbell Soup United States595 Albert UeltschiAlbert Ueltschi$2 B 94 FlightSafety United States595 Jerry JonesJerry Jones$2 B 69 Dallas Cowboys United States595 Herbert KohlerHerbert Kohler & family$2 B 72 plumbing fixtures United States595 Henry SamueliHenry Samueli$2 B 57 Broadcom United States595 Phillip RuffinPhillip Ruffin$2 B 76 casinos, real estate United States595 David BondermanDavid Bonderman$2 B 68 leveraged buyouts United States595 William ConnorWilliam Connor$2 B 61 transportation United States595 Gordon GettyGordon Getty$2 B 77 Getty Oil United States595 Albert von Thurn und TaxisAlbert von Thurn und Taxis$2 B 28 Diversified Germany595 Hans RiegelHans Riegel$2 B 88 candy Germany595 Daryl KatzDaryl Katz$2 B 50 pharmacies Canada595 John de MolJohn de Mol$2 B 56 TV Netherlands595 Stefan von HoltzbrinckStefan von Holtzbrinck$2 B 48 publishing Germany595 Monika SchoellerMonika Schoeller$2 B 72 publishing Germany595 H. Fisk JohnsonH. Fisk Johnson$2 B 53 SC Johnson & Sons United States595 S. Curtis JohnsonS. Curtis Johnson$2 B 56 SC Johnson & Sons United States595 Winnie Johnson-MarquartWinnie Johnson-Marquart$2 B 52 SC Johnson & Sons United States595 Helen Johnson-LeipoldHelen Johnson-Leipold$2 B 54 SC Johnson & Sons United States595 Imogene Powers JohnsonImogene Powers Johnson$2 B 81 SC Johnson & Sons United States595 Saad HaririSaad Hariri$2 B 41 construction, investments Lebanon595 James RatcliffeJames Ratcliffe$2 B 58 chemicals United Kingdom595 Leszek CzarneckiLeszek Czarnecki$2 B 49 finance Poland595 Shin Dong-BinShin Dong-Bin$2 B 56 Retail South Korea595 Robert RichRobert Rich$2 B 70 Rich Products Corporation United States595 Or Wai SheunOr Wai Sheun$2 B 60 real estate Hong Kong595 Zdenek BakalaZdenek Bakala$2 B 50 Coal Czech Republic595 Kim Jung-JuKim Jung-Ju$2 B 43 online gaming South Korea595 Kelcy WarrenKelcy Warren$2 B 56 pipelines United States595 Lynn SchustermanLynn Schusterman$2 B 72 oil & gas, investments United States595 Jean-Claude GandurJean-Claude Gandur$2 B 62 oil trading, exploration Switzerland595 Gautam ThaparGautam Thapar$2 B 50 engineering, paper India595 Mike AdenugaMike Adenuga$2 B 58 telcom, banking, oil Nigeria595 Jayme GarfinkelJayme Garfinkel & family$2 B 65 insurance Brazil595 Erman IlicakErman Ilicak$2 B 44 construction Turkey595 Esther GretherEsther Grether & family$2 B 75 art collection, Swatch Switzerland595 Sudhir & Samir MehtaSudhir & Samir Mehta$2 B 57 Diversified India595 Kiki BarkiKiki Barki$2 B 71 Coal Indonesia595 David HainsDavid Hains$2 B 80 finance Australia595 Aloke LohiaAloke Lohia$2 B 52 chemicals India595 Maria de Lourdes Egydio VillelaMaria de Lourdes Egydio Villela$2 B N/A banking Brazil595 Edson de Godoy BuenoEdson de Godoy Bueno$2 B 68 healthcare Brazil595 Valery KoganValery Kogan$2 B 60 airport Russia595 Ian & Richard LivingstoneIan & Richard Livingstone$2 B N/A real estate United Kingdom651 Lin XiuchengLin Xiucheng & family$1.9 B 56 electronics China651 Shen GuojunShen Guojun$1.9 B 49 Retail China651 Li ShufuLi Shufu$1.9 B 48 automotive China651 Zhang HongweiZhang Hongwei$1.9 B 56 Diversified China651 Lu XiangyangLu Xiangyang$1.9 B 48 Investments China651 Liu ZhongtianLiu Zhongtian$1.9 B 47 metal processors China651 Sukanto TanotoSukanto Tanoto$1.9 B 61 Diversified Indonesia651 Esther KoplowitzEsther Koplowitz$1.9 B 58 construction Spain651 Shigenobu NagamoriShigenobu Nagamori$1.9 B 67 micro motors Japan651 Bernard MarcusBernard Marcus$1.9 B 82 Home Depot United States651 Edward DeBartoloEdward DeBartolo$1.9 B 65 shopping centers United States651 John MarriottJohn Marriott$1.9 B 79 hotels United States651 Stanley HubbardStanley Hubbard$1.9 B 78 DirecTV United States651 Alan CasdenAlan Casden$1.9 B 65 real estate United States651 Penny PritzkerPenny Pritzker$1.9 B 52 hotels, investments United States651 Sylvia StroherSylvia Stroher$1.9 B 57 Cosmetics Germany651 John CaudwellJohn Caudwell$1.9 B 59 mobile phones United Kingdom651 Wilbur RossWilbur Ross$1.9 B 73 Investments United States651 Martin ViessmannMartin Viessmann$1.9 B 58 Heating Equipment Germany651 Mike LazaridisMike Lazaridis$1.9 B 50 Research in Motion Canada651 James CoulterJames Coulter$1.9 B 51 leveraged buyouts United States651 Michael JaharisMichael Jaharis$1.9 B 83 pharmaceuticals United States651 Venugopal DhootVenugopal Dhoot$1.9 B 60 electronics India651 Roustam TarikoRoustam Tariko$1.9 B 49 banking Russia651 Shin Dong-JooShin Dong-Joo$1.9 B 57 Retail South Korea651 Florentino PerezFlorentino Perez$1.9 B 64 construction Spain651 Israel EnglanderIsrael Englander$1.9 B 63 hedge funds United States651 Jeffrey HildebrandJeffrey Hildebrand$1.9 B 52 oil United States651 Michal SolowowMichal Solowow$1.9 B 49 Investments Poland651 Alexei AnanyevAlexei Ananyev$1.9 B 47 banking, IT, real estate Russia651 Dmitry AnanyevDmitry Ananyev$1.9 B 42 banking, IT, real estate Russia651 Anatoly SedykhAnatoly Sedykh$1.9 B 46 steel pipes Russia651 Michael AshleyMichael Ashley$1.9 B 51 sports retailing United Kingdom651 Joseph CraftJoseph Craft & family$1.9 B 61 Alliance Holdings United States651 Chip WilsonChip Wilson$1.9 B 54 Lululemon Canada651 Chandru RahejaChandru Raheja$1.9 B 71 real estate India651 Antti HerlinAntti Herlin$1.9 B 55 elevators, escalators Finland651 Reyes J. ChristopherReyes J. Christopher$1.9 B 57 Reyes Holdings United States651 Reyes JudeReyes Jude$1.9 B 56 Reyes Holdings United States651 Martin NaughtonMartin Naughton$1.9 B 72 Heating Equipment Ireland651 Dulce Pugliese de Godoy BuenoDulce Pugliese de Godoy Bueno$1.9 B 63 finance Brazil692 Cho Tak WongCho Tak Wong & family$1.8 B 65 chemicals Hong Kong692 Huang MaoruHuang Maoru & family$1.8 B 46 Retail Belize692 Neil BluhmNeil Bluhm$1.8 B 73 real estate United States692 Dean WhiteDean White$1.8 B 88 billboards, hotels United States692 Leon G. CoopermanLeon G. Cooperman$1.8 B 68 hedge funds United States692 Austin HearstAustin Hearst$1.8 B 59 Hearst Corp United States692 William Randolph Hearst IIIWilliam Randolph Hearst III$1.8 B 62 Hearst Corp United States692 George Hearst JrGeorge Hearst Jr$1.8 B 84 Hearst Corp United States692 Richard MarriottRichard Marriott$1.8 B 72 hotels United StatesRank Name Net Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship692 Bradley HughesBradley Hughes$1.8 B 78 Public Storage United States692 David Hearst JrDavid Hearst Jr$1.8 B 66 Hearst Corp United States692 John CatsimatidisJohn Catsimatidis$1.8 B 63 oil, real estate, supermarkets United States692 Henry NicholasHenry Nicholas$1.8 B 52 Broadcom United States692 Fred DeLucaFred DeLuca$1.8 B 64 Subway United States692 Michael MoritzMichael Moritz$1.8 B 57 venture capital United States692 Heinz BauerHeinz Bauer$1.8 B 72 publishing Germany692 John PritzkerJohn Pritzker$1.8 B 58 hotels, investments United States692 Nadhmi AuchiNadhmi Auchi$1.8 B 74 real estate United Kingdom692 Jay Robert (J.B.) PritzkerJay Robert (J.B.) Pritzker$1.8 B 46 hotels, investments United States692 Peter BuckPeter Buck$1.8 B 80 Subway United States692 Jim DavisJim Davis & family$1.8 B 68 New Balance United States692 John WhittakerJohn Whittaker$1.8 B 69 real estate United Kingdom692 Ahmet Nazif ZorluAhmet Nazif Zorlu$1.8 B 67 electronics Turkey692 S. Truett CathyS. Truett Cathy$1.8 B 90 Chick-fil-A United States692 David CheritonDavid Cheriton$1.8 B 59 Google Canada692 Nandan NilekaniNandan Nilekani & family$1.8 B 56 Software India692 Kamil YaziciKamil Yazici$1.8 B 82 Beverages Turkey692 Li Sze LimLi Sze Lim$1.8 B 54 real estate Hong Kong692 James BalsillieJames Balsillie$1.8 B 50 Research in Motion Canada692 Lev KvetnoiLev Kvetnoi$1.8 B 46 cement, airport Russia692 Jerry SpeyerJerry Speyer$1.8 B 71 real estate United States692 Mohammed IbrahimMohammed Ibrahim$1.8 B 65 communications United Kingdom692 Igor KesaevIgor Kesaev$1.8 B 45 tobacco distribution, retail Russia692 Jeff GreeneJeff Greene$1.8 B 56 real estate, investments United States692 Niels Peter Louis-HansenNiels Peter Louis-Hansen$1.8 B 64 medical devices Denmark692 Anita ZuckerAnita Zucker$1.8 B 59 chemicals United States692 Isaac PerlmutterIsaac Perlmutter$1.8 B 68 Marvel United States692 Alan HowardAlan Howard$1.8 B 48 hedge funds United Kingdom692 Gong HongjiaGong Hongjia & family$1.8 B 46 electronics Hong Kong692 Yasseen MansourYasseen Mansour$1.8 B 50 Diversified Egypt692 Youssef MansourYoussef Mansour$1.8 B 66 Diversified Egypt692 Valentin BukhtoyarovValentin Bukhtoyarov$1.8 B 56 Coal Russia692 Alexander ShchukinAlexander Shchukin$1.8 B 60 Coal Russia692 Vladimir MelnichenkoVladimir Melnichenko$1.8 B 60 Coal Russia736 Zhang LiZhang Li$1.7 B 58 real estate China736 Chan LaiwaChan Laiwa & family$1.7 B 70 real estate China736 Sze Man BokSze Man Bok$1.7 B 61 Consumer Products China736 Hui Lin ChitHui Lin Chit$1.7 B 58 Consumer Products China736 Gao DekangGao Dekang & family$1.7 B 59 Apparel China736 Chao Teng-HsiungChao Teng-Hsiung$1.7 B 67 real estate Taiwan736 Ye ChenghaiYe Chenghai$1.7 B 68 pharmaceuticals Hong Kong736 Saleh KamelSaleh Kamel$1.7 B 70 Diversified Saudi Arabia736 Frank StronachFrank Stronach$1.7 B 79 Auto parts Canada736 Clemmie SpanglerClemmie Spangler$1.7 B 79 Investments United States736 Michael IlitchMichael Ilitch & family$1.7 B 82 pizza United States736 George LindemannGeorge Lindemann & family$1.7 B 75 Investments United States736 Craig McCawCraig McCaw$1.7 B 62 McCaw Cellular United States736 Clayton MathileClayton Mathile$1.7 B 70 Iams United States736 Louis BaconLouis Bacon$1.7 B 53 hedge funds United States736 George ArgyrosGeorge Argyros$1.7 B 74 real estate, investments United States736 Thomas SiebelThomas Siebel$1.7 B 58 Siebel Systems United States736 Vincent BolloreVincent Bollore$1.7 B 59 Investments France736 Min KaoMin Kao$1.7 B 62 navigation equipment United States736 James PritzkerJames Pritzker$1.7 B 60 hotels, investments United States736 Linda PritzkerLinda Pritzker$1.7 B 57 hotels, investments United States736 Karen PritzkerKaren Pritzker$1.7 B 53 hotels, investments United States736 Anthony PritzkerAnthony Pritzker$1.7 B 50 hotels, investments United States736 Jean (Gigi) PritzkerJean (Gigi) Pritzker$1.7 B 49 hotels, investments United States736 Daniel PritzkerDaniel Pritzker$1.7 B 52 hotels, investments United States736 Ken FisherKen Fisher$1.7 B 60 money management United States736 Richard DesmondRichard Desmond$1.7 B 59 publishing United Kingdom736 Saif Al GhurairSaif Al Ghurair & family$1.7 B N/A Diversified United Arab Emirates736 Guilherme Peirao LealGuilherme Peirao Leal$1.7 B 60 Cosmetics Brazil736 Mohammed Al RajhiMohammed Al Rajhi$1.7 B N/A banking Saudi Arabia736 Jose Maria AristrainJose Maria Aristrain$1.7 B 49 Steel Spain736 Alexander RovtAlexander Rovt$1.7 B 59 fertilizer United States736 Glenn DubinGlenn Dubin$1.7 B 54 hedge funds United States736 Peter LimPeter Lim$1.7 B 58 Investments Singapore736 Stephen MandelStephen Mandel$1.7 B 55 hedge funds United States736 Manuel MorounManuel Moroun$1.7 B 84 transportation United States736 Alexander PonomarenkoAlexander Ponomarenko$1.7 B 47 port Russia736 Alexander SkorobogatkoAlexander Skorobogatko$1.7 B 44 port Russia736 Lindsay FoxLindsay Fox$1.7 B 74 logistics Australia736 Jonathan NelsonJonathan Nelson$1.7 B 55 leveraged buyouts United States736 Thomas KaplanThomas Kaplan$1.7 B 49 Investments United States736 Huang ZelanHuang Zelan$1.7 B 56 metals China736 Huang YiHuang Yi$1.7 B 49 auto Distribution Hong Kong736 Ayman AsfariAyman Asfari$1.7 B 53 Petrofac United Kingdom736 Ajay KalsiAjay Kalsi$1.7 B N/A oil India736 Christopher ClineChristopher Cline$1.7 B 53 Coal United States782 Yan CheungYan Cheung$1.6 B 54 paper China782 Zhou FurenZhou Furen$1.6 B 54 Diversified China782 Shi YuzhuShi Yuzhu$1.6 B 49 Diversified China782 Jack MaJack Ma$1.6 B 47 Internet China782 Zhong Sheng JianZhong Sheng Jian$1.6 B 53 real estate Singapore782 Ma XingtianMa Xingtian & family$1.6 B 42 pharmaceuticals China782 Tsai Hong-tuTsai Hong-tu$1.6 B 59 finance Taiwan782 Suhon LinSuhon Lin$1.6 B N/A petrochemicals Taiwan782 Tseng Shin-yiTseng Shin-yi$1.6 B N/A petrochemicals Taiwan782 Liao Long-ShingLiao Long-Shing$1.6 B N/A petrochemicals Taiwan782 Chang Yung FaChang Yung Fa$1.6 B 84 transport Taiwan782 Rahul BajajRahul Bajaj$1.6 B 73 motorcycles India782 Rolf GerlingRolf Gerling$1.6 B 56 insurance Germany782 Gil ShwedGil Shwed$1.6 B 44 Software Israel782 Barbara Carlson GageBarbara Carlson Gage & family$1.6 B 69 Carlson Cos. United States782 Ted ForstmannTed Forstmann$1.6 B 71 leveraged buyouts United States782 Marilyn Carlson NelsonMarilyn Carlson Nelson & family$1.6 B 72 Carlson Cos United States782 Irwin JacobsIrwin Jacobs$1.6 B 78 Qualcomm United States782 Jon StrykerJon Stryker$1.6 B 53 Stryker Corp. United StatesRank Name Net Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship782 James KimJames Kim & family$1.6 B 75 microchips United States782 Pat StrykerPat Stryker$1.6 B 55 Stryker Corp United States782 Michael HeisleyMichael Heisley$1.6 B 74 Manufacturing United States782 Alec GoresAlec Gores$1.6 B 58 private equity United States782 Leandro RizzutoLeandro Rizzuto$1.6 B 73 Conair United States782 Evgeny (Eugene) ShvidlerEvgeny (Eugene) Shvidler$1.6 B 47 Millhouse LLC United States782 Lev LevievLev Leviev$1.6 B 55 diamonds Israel782 David GottesmanDavid Gottesman$1.6 B 85 Investments United States782 Senapathy GopalakrishnanSenapathy Gopalakrishnan & family$1.6 B 56 Software India782 Dermot DesmondDermot Desmond$1.6 B 61 finance Ireland782 Vladimir IorichVladimir Iorich$1.6 B 53 mining, steel Germany782 David DavidovichDavid Davidovich$1.6 B 49 food, metals Russia782 Lee Myung-HeeLee Myung-Hee$1.6 B 68 Retail South Korea782 Joseph MansuetoJoseph Mansueto$1.6 B 55 Morningstar United States782 Kavitark Ram ShriramKavitark Ram Shriram$1.6 B 54 Venture capital, Google United States782 Edwin SoeryadjayaEdwin Soeryadjaya$1.6 B 62 Coal Indonesia782 Vyacheslav KantorVyacheslav Kantor$1.6 B 58 fertilizer, real estate Russia782 Liu Ming ChungLiu Ming Chung$1.6 B 48 paper manufacturing Brazil782 Gleb FetisovGleb Fetisov$1.6 B 45 telecom, finance Russia782 Richard Chilton JrRichard Chilton Jr$1.6 B 53 hedge funds United States782 Ralph SonnenbergRalph Sonnenberg$1.6 B 77 blinds Netherlands782 Megdet RahimkulovMegdet Rahimkulov$1.6 B 66 Investments Russia782 Georg von OpelGeorg von Opel$1.6 B 45 real estate/investments Germany782 Tsai Cheng-daTsai Cheng-da$1.6 B N/A finance Taiwan782 He QiaonuHe Qiaonu & family$1.6 B 45 landscape architecture China782 Huang ShaowuHuang Shaowu$1.6 B 41 Retail China782 Eduardo SaverinEduardo Saverin$1.6 B 29 Facebook United States782 Sean ParkerSean Parker$1.6 B 31 Facebook United States782 Hans MelchersHans Melchers$1.6 B 73 chemicals, investments Netherlands782 Christoffel WieseChristoffel Wiese$1.6 B 70 consumer retail South Africa782 Vadim MoshkovichVadim Moshkovich$1.6 B 44 agriculture, development Russia782 Eric LefkofskyEric Lefkofsky$1.6 B 42 technology United States833 Lin LiLin Li$1.5 B 48 Investments China833 Fu GuangmingFu Guangming & family$1.5 B 58 poultry China833 He XuechuHe Xuechu$1.5 B 49 Mining Hong Kong833 Emilio BotinEmilio Botin$1.5 B 77 banking Spain833 Hubert BurdaHubert Burda$1.5 B 71 publishing Germany833 Ralph DommermuthRalph Dommermuth$1.5 B 47 internet service provider Germany833 Ennio DorisEnnio Doris & family$1.5 B 71 insurance Italy833 Belmiro de AzevedoBelmiro de Azevedo$1.5 B 73 Retail Portugal833 S. Daniel AbrahamS. Daniel Abraham$1.5 B 87 Slim-Fast United States833 Edward BassEdward Bass$1.5 B 66 oil, investments United States833 Drayton McLaneDrayton McLane$1.5 B 75 Wal-Mart, logistics United States833 Phoebe Hearst CookePhoebe Hearst Cooke$1.5 B 84 Hearst Corp United States833 Richard PeeryRichard Peery$1.5 B 73 real estate United States833 Joe JamailJoe Jamail$1.5 B 86 Lawsuits United States833 Michael PriceMichael Price$1.5 B 59 Investments United States833 Robert KraftRobert Kraft$1.5 B 70 New England Patriots United States833 Tom GolisanoTom Golisano$1.5 B 70 Paychex United States833 Stephen BisciottiStephen Bisciotti$1.5 B 51 outsourcing, football United States833 Francesco Gaetano CaltagironeFrancesco Gaetano Caltagirone$1.5 B 68 cement, diversified Italy833 Thomas FriedkinThomas Friedkin$1.5 B 76 Gulf States Toyota United States833 Wilma TischWilma Tisch$1.5 B 84 Loews United States833 Brad KelleyBrad Kelley$1.5 B 54 tobacco United States833 Brijmohan Lall MunjalBrijmohan Lall Munjal$1.5 B 88 motorcycles India833 Ayman HaririAyman Hariri$1.5 B 33 construction, investments Lebanon833 Fahd HaririFahd Hariri$1.5 B 30 construction, investments Lebanon833 James DinanJames Dinan$1.5 B 52 hedge funds United States833 Thomas BarrackThomas Barrack$1.5 B 64 Colony Capital United States833 Andrei KozitsynAndrei Kozitsyn$1.5 B 51 metals Russia833 Peter ThielPeter Thiel$1.5 B 44 Paypal, Facebook United States833 Marc LasryMarc Lasry$1.5 B 51 hedge funds United States833 Marc RowanMarc Rowan$1.5 B 49 leveraged buyouts United States833 Paul RamsayPaul Ramsay$1.5 B 75 healthcare, media Australia833 Danil KhachaturovDanil Khachaturov$1.5 B 40 Insurance, banking, real estate Russia833 Sergei SarkisovSergei Sarkisov$1.5 B 52 insurance & real estate Russia833 Nikolai SarkisovNikolai Sarkisov$1.5 B 43 insurance, real estate Russia833 Yuriy KosiukYuriy Kosiuk$1.5 B 43 agriculture Ukraine833 Aras AgalarovAras Agalarov$1.5 B 56 retail, real estate Russia833 Yuri KovalchukYuri Kovalchuk$1.5 B 60 banking, insurance, media Russia833 Viktor KharitoninViktor Kharitonin$1.5 B 38 pharmaceuticals Russia833 Norman BramanNorman Braman$1.5 B 79 art, car dealerships United States833 Garibaldi ThohirGaribaldi Thohir$1.5 B 46 Coal Indonesia833 K. Anji ReddyK. Anji Reddy$1.5 B 70 pharmaceuticals India833 Robert MillerRobert Miller$1.5 B N/A Retail United Kingdom833 Dmitry MazepinDmitry Mazepin$1.5 B 43 chemicals Russia833 Michael ChiangMichael Chiang$1.5 B 58 TPK Holdings Taiwan833 Zhang ChanghongZhang Changhong$1.5 B 53 finance China879 An KangAn Kang$1.4 B 62 pharmaceuticals China879 Chen YihongChen Yihong$1.4 B 53 Retail China879 Qiu GuangheQiu Guanghe$1.4 B 60 Retail China879 Jiang BinJiang Bin$1.4 B 45 electronics China879 Liu GexinLiu Gexin$1.4 B 60 pharmaceuticals China879 Soichiro FukutakeSoichiro Fukutake$1.4 B 65 education Japan879 Richard LiRichard Li$1.4 B 45 telecommunications Hong Kong879 Gabriel EscarrerGabriel Escarrer$1.4 B 76 hotels N/A879 Koo Bon-MooKoo Bon-Moo$1.4 B 66 LG South Korea879 Bulent EczacibasiBulent Eczacibasi$1.4 B 62 pharmaceuticals Turkey879 Gregorio Perez CompancGregorio Perez Companc & family$1.4 B 77 food products Argentina879 Scott CookScott Cook$1.4 B 59 Intuit United States879 Roger PenskeRoger Penske$1.4 B 74 cars United States879 John ArrillagaJohn Arrillaga$1.4 B 74 real estate United States879 Herbert SimonHerbert Simon$1.4 B 77 real estate United States879 Thomas LeeThomas Lee$1.4 B 67 leveraged buyouts United States879 Robert McNairRobert McNair$1.4 B 74 energy, sports United States879 John FisherJohn Fisher$1.4 B 50 Gap United States879 David FiloDavid Filo$1.4 B 45 Yahoo United States879 Gerald J. FordGerald J. Ford$1.4 B 67 banking United States879 Gary MagnessGary Magness$1.4 B 57 cable, investments United States879 Vinod KhoslaVinod Khosla$1.4 B 56 Sun Microsystems, venture capital United StatesRank Name Net Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship879 Romesh T. WadhwaniRomesh T. Wadhwani$1.4 B 64 Software United States879 Bassam AlghanimBassam Alghanim$1.4 B N/A Diversified Kuwait879 Stefano PessinaStefano Pessina$1.4 B 70 pharmaceuticals Italy879 T. Boone PickensT. 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What is the History of Calatrava Negros Occidental?

~Municipality Of Calatrava~Calatrava was named after the city of La Mancha in Central Spain. An ancient fortress in the middle ages, it was also given the Military Orders of Spain, famous for its so-called Cruz de Calatrava and considered as one of the highest decorations given by the King of Spain. Calatrava at one point was forced to become a barrio when the administerial form of government was transferred to San Carlos, formerly known as "Nabingkalan" in 1906.The latter used to be "arrabal" or barrio of Calatrava.Calatrava fought for its identity and regained its township status on October 4, 1924. This was achieved through the political representation of Cebuanos led by Alipio Villarante. When the town held its first elections in 1932, Don Antonio Menchaca was elected as the first municipal president. The municipality of Calatrava is bounded in the north by the municipality of Toboso and the city of Sagay, in the south by the city of Sagay, in the east by the Tañon Strait and in the west by the city of San Carlos and the municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto.Calatrava is a 1st class municipality in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 74,623 people in 15,151 households. The current mayor is Boy Baguio. Calatrava at one point was forced to become a barrio when the administerial form of government was transferred to San Carlos, formerly known as Nabingkalan in 1906. The latter used to be an arrabal or barrio of Calatrava. The town today is a known source of limestone and coal as well as of woven products. It is also a sanctuary for a tribe of wild monkeys who have become friendly to people especially those with food to share. == == == == Calatrava is politically subdivided into 40 barangays. * Agpangi * Ani-e * Bagacay* Bantayanon * Buenavista * Cabungahan * Calampisawan * Cambayobo * Castellano * Cruz * Dolis * Hilub-Ang * Hinab-Ongan* Ilaya * Laga-an * Lalong * Lemery * Lipat-on * Lo-ok (Pob.) * Ma-aslob * Macasilao * Malanog * Malatas * Marcelo* Mina-utok * Menchaca * Minapasuk * Mahilum * Paghumayan * Pantao * Patun-an * Pinocutan * Refugio * San Benito * San Isidro * Suba (Pob.) * Telim* Tigbao * Tigbon * Winaswasan ~Short place name information~ Location Name Type Alternative Name: Calatrava Name Type: Native Area / State: Negros Occidental Coordinates & Location Type Area Type: Populated place Location Type: Populated PlaceLatitude: 10.59694 Longitude: 123.4781 Latitude (DMS): 10° 35' 49 N Longitude (DMS): 123° 28' 41 EMaps & Location database updated: 2004-02-27 San Carlos City was formerly named Nabingkalan, deriving its name from Nabingka, a beautiful daughter of a chieftain of the Negrito settlement in the area, who ruled the barrio during the early part in the 17th century. She was famous for her loveliness and mental and physical prowess. After her death, the people mourned for two years, and to perpetuate her memory, named the barrio Nabingkalan. The settlement was later bought by Carlos Apurado from Badian, Cebu, who, with the help of fellow pioneers, developed the settlement into a thriving Christian village. Fragments of written history show that in 1856, the Island of Buglas (Negros), as a politico-military province under Spain, was divided into two provinces, West Negros under Iloilo and East Negros under Cebu. The barrio of Nabingkalan under Calatrava, was under the jurisdiction of Iloilo. Señor Don Emilio Saravia, the first political-military governor in the island during the Spanish era, renamed the place and established it as a pueblo. San Carlos prospered through the years, however, the village lost its pueblo category, and in 1890, when Negros Island was divided into Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental, San Carlos was recorded as an arrabal or barrio of Calatrava (Hilub-ang). On October 16, 1898, a parish priest of Calatrava, then the township under which jurisdiction Nabingkalan, was a barrio, visited the place. He found it more prosperous than the town proper. So he assembled the cabezas de barangay and after a short conference, decided to name the new town San Carlos, in honor of the Patron Saint of the barrio, Saint Carlos Borromeo, whose feast day was November 4, and on that same day, the seat of the town was transferred to San Carlos. During the first years of the American occupation of the Philippines, the economic and social pace of the activities of the people were gauged on the movements of the big landholders and Spaniards in the lowlands. In 1903, the political arena was a hot place, it being the first taste of the Filipinos to elect their own leaders. In 1912, when a sugar central was constructed, the economic life of the people was greatly enhanced. The political activities, however, was closely woven with that of Calatrava, until 1925, when Calatrava was organized into a municipality. From 1899 to the last days of the administration of the municipality of San Carlos, the following persons have served as presidentes and mayors, and have contributed in one way or another to the progress of the town: == * Agustin Ylagan (4 terms) * Bernardino Lazanas * Domingo Medina (2 terms) * Eugenio Antonio, Jr. * Fausto Caballero * Jose Cervantes * Juan P. Broce (2 terms) * Pelagio Carbajosa * Vicente Atienza * Vicente Flores == * Antonio Azcona (in the occupied area) * Anacleto Factoran (in the free area) * Juan P. Broce == * Constancio Rabacal (2 Terms) * Constancio Rabacal (Appointed) * Dominador Zaragoza (Appointed) * Eugenio Antonio, Jr. (Appointed) * Gregorio R. Reonisto (OIC-1987) * Sofronio C. Carmona The First World War encouraged the people of San Carlos to produce more sugar-producing crops. After the armistice in 1917, the planters who produced more sugar had their wealth greatly increased because of the new price of sugar never before enjoyed by the planters. During World War I, many sons of San Carlos volunteered to fight for the United States, but a few months later, were sent back home because of the armistice.San Carlos was actively involved on the war efforts againts Imperial Japan during The Second World War (World War II). Presumably, a month after the surrender of Negros to the Japanese Imperial Forces, the Guerrilla Movement began in San Carlos and Calatrava. As early as June 15, 1942, Guerilla Units under the leadership of Capt. Eugenio Antonio,Jr., Lt. Leonardo Marane and Lt. Alfredo Valdivia assisted by the Philippine Commonwealth Military Troops began operations against the enemy. Pitch battles were fought within the environs of the "poblacion". In spite of the presence of Maj. Edward McClenahan, a US Army officer, separate Guerrilla Units were scattered in the area under different Commanders. The American Major was not able to establish a formal chain-of-command among the different Guerilla Factions effectively. There were even skirmish fightings among each other, not by words but by gun fires. The return of some local USAFFE officers to San Carlos, the guerrilla movement was formally organized into fighting units under USAFFE Capts. Catalino D. Rivera, Eugenio Antonio, Jr. and Loreto Y. Apuhin, together with Lts. Florencio C. Yap and Andres L. Arrogante, the bands of roving guerrillas in San Carlos were consolidated under one command. Young College Students in their early teens (just barely enought to carry rifles) joined the ranks and fought bravely face-to-face against the Japanese. Notable among them were: Mansueto D. Quijote, Sr., Odon Requieron, Sr., Vidal Bordaje and Rodick Diaz, all of them "College Boys".Professionals on their own rights, later join the cause,namely; Eufemio A. Parana and Paul G. Gores, Lawyers: DominadorCejalvo, Engineer; Carlos M. Madrazo, Chemist; Eugenio Antonio, Jr., Labor Leader and Chemist; Pedro T. Algarme, College Professor; and later, Oscar A. Quisumbing, Arturo A. Cruz, Physicians and Lt. Fernando D. Estampador. In the war fronts of Bataan and Mindanao, several sons of San Carlos made their supreme sacrifices. One of the most ill-fated son of San Carlos who saw action in Bataan fighting side by side with the Americans; wounded by gun fire; suffered "rifle-butt-strikes" on his chest by Japanese Soldiers, and was among the thousands of Filipinos and American Troops in the infamous "DEATH MARCH OF BATAAN", was a least known Philippine Scout Ranger "Dadoy Garcia". He was never recognized by the Philippine Government nor the US Government for his gallantry during the Second World War, although numerous attempts were made by the local Philippine-American Legion for his recognition. His War Service Records and Military Documents were lost in transition. In the early part of 1980, our Hero died of Tuberculosis - penniless, suffered humiliation, and with so much pain in his heart; but never regretfull of his bravery, particularly his service to United States Army fighting against the atrocities of the Japanese Imperial Army as member of the Philippine Scouts.In March 1945, San Carlos saw action, when the Philippine Commonwealth forces and local guerrilla units under the over-all command of Col. Ernesto S. Mata, attacked the Japanese garrison in the compound of San Carlos Milling Company and succeeded in driving away the Japanese Army, at the cost of the life of Lt. Alfredo Valdivia. Among those who survived to tell the story were: Capt. Epifanio D. Liberal, Capt. Dominador Justiniani, Capt. Porferio A. Villaflor, Lts. Teodulfo Limas, Crescencio C. Portuguez, Florencio C. Yap, Andres L. Arrogante, Nestorio L. Layumas, Federico Legaspina, Sgt. Simplicio Algarme, Capt. Eugenio Antonio, Jr., 2nd Lt. Mansueto D. Quijote, Sr. and some other enlisted men. The first post war election found the town a Liberal. In 1953, the Nacionalista wrested the power from the Liberals. The consensus of opinions has it that for the present, it is yet difficult to dethrone the local party in power. By Virtue of R.A. No. 2643, the Municipality of San Carlos was converted into the City of San Carlos on July 1, 1960. The City inherited from the Municipality numerous improvements hitherto unprecedented in the history of the town. The improvements were introduced by the last municipal administration under Mayor Sofronio Carmona. The usual experience of a new city during the transition period was fraught with crisis. The new City of San Carlos excepted from this rule. The effort exerted by Mayor Carmona in meeting the obligations of the city in the form of salaries of newly created offices and the implementation of WAPCO increases of the intermediate school teachers were overcome. ~Social Services~The Social Sector discusses the health, educational, social welfare, sports and recreation, housing and protective services concerns of the City.The social development program of Bacolod City focuses on the basic social services in support of the national government's thrusts with emphasis on poverty reduction and housing program for the squatters and homeless families.The major goal of this sector is: Accessible, effective and efficient social services to all Bacolenos through government support and community participation to achieve a better quality of life for all.Among the major programs and projects of the Social Sector are the following: · Reproductive Health and Family Planning Program · Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Program· Socialized Housing Project 2001-2010 · Construction and upgrading of health facilities · Acquisition of health equipment · Skills upgrading program · Public information and outreach program · Construction of Bacolod City College Building · Facilities, Equipment Acquisition Program · Protective Services Manpower and Resource Upgrading · Intensified Campaign Programs Against Drug Use · Institutional Development Program for Social Welfare · Street Children Program · Construction of Sports and Recreation Facilities · Sports and Recreation Program = Food Security and Environmental Protection Development Program = Priority: Infrastructure and investment program that will support Agricultural Development to ensure Food Security and Environmental Protection. 1.) Budget for Agriculture will be increased2.) Improve Provincial Land Use Program implementation3.) Food Security Program: * Increase capacity in rice and other basic food * Protect and preserve fresh water and marine fishing zone * Define shellfish farming areas * Support integrated pest management initiative * Support farm based technical demonstration projects * Develop local poultry and livestock industry * Provide incentives for fruit/vegetable farming Daan Lungsod Cave in Sitio Daan Lungsod is about 300 meters from the main highway. The cave measures 75 meters deep. Bagacay Cave is about 8 kilometers from the town proper. Mat weaving inside this cave has been a source of living of the residents. PalauBeach Resort offers overnight accommodations. It has a restaurant and it is accessible anytime of the day.Century-old Roman Catholic Church of Calatrava was built in year 1880. Situated in the town proper, it is the center of worship for all catholic devotees. Monkey Sanctuaryin Sitio Palinpinon, Barangay Pagumayon is home of hundreds of wild monkeys. These monkeys are people-friendly but very territorial in nature. They thrived on the food brought by visitors and tourists.-Your name's Joshua Sim -My Friendster Profile? heheh... you can type on you web browser

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