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Florida has 31 wins to Vanderbilts 9

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Q: What is Florida gator football record vs vanderbilt?
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Is Florida gator's football field in Florida?

Yes, the Florida Gator's football feild is located in Florida.

What losing seasons have the Florida Gator football team had?


How many Florida gator football players went pro?


Who won the Gator Bowl in 1955?


Who was number 43 on the 1984 Florida gator football team?

Percy toad

What is the University of Florida's mascot?

The University of Florida has two mascots. They are Albert and Alberta Gator and were adopted by the football team in 1908, after which they became known as The 'Gators.

What was the Florida Gator's record last year?

The Florida Gators 2009 season record was 13-1. (Loss to Alabama in SEC Title Game)

Where could one find the Florida Gators schedule for football?

Florida Gators schedule for football can be found on their official website which is Gator Country. One can also find it from other sites like StubHub, ESPN, Gator Zone and many more.

Which Florida Gator coach holds the record for most wins in a single season?

Urban Meyer

What are the basic procedures of playing Gator Football?

Gator Football, also known as the Florida Gators, is an American football team. There are a few basic procedures for playing American football. The basic procedures are to outscore your opponent by advancing the football into their end zone for as many touchdowns as possible.

Which Florida gator holds the all-time record for most rushing touchdowns in a career?

Emmitt Smith

As of the 2006 football season Florida has more wins in this bowl game than in any other?

Gator Bowl